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Sweep Trend

The indicator marks the volatile areas of price movement on the chart according to the specified settings.


  • TrendPips - filter value in points
  • TrendBars - filter value in the amount of bars
  • signal_shift - shift relative to the current bar by the specified number of periods back, for signals
  • CountBars - the number of bars to display the indicator
  • Color_1 - one of the rectangle alternation colors
  • Color_2 - the second color of the rectangles
  • Alerts - show a dialog box containing custom data.
  • Text - custom text for signals.
  • Send_Mail - send an email using an address specified on the Email tab of the options window.
  • subject - email header.
  • Send_Notification - sends push notifications to the mobile terminals, whose MetaQuotes IDs are specified in the Notifications tab.

For developers: the indicator has one signal buffer, it has a value of one after a rectangle is plotted and a value of zero in all other cases. The indicator is called as follows:

double indicator_signals = iCustom(Symbol(),0,"Sweep Trend",TrendPips,TrendBars,signal_shift,0,1);

Recommendation: after a trend movement, the price usually consolidates and moves in a flat. When this condition is fulfilled, it is possible to apply strategies designed for the flat.

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