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SPD Crocodile

Algorithm of this system is based on Bill Williams' Alligator indicator.

This represents the Jaw, the Teeth and the Lips of the Alligator. It was designed to help confirm that a trend is in effect and in what direction. As with all moving averages, the shortest one (green) moves first, followed by the middle (red) and then longer average (blue). Creator Bill Williams used 13, 8 and 5-period averages, brought forward 8, 5 and 3 periods, respectively. Colors are usually blue, red and green, respectively.

The Alligator is resting when the three averages are twisted together progressing in a narrow range. The more distant the averages become, the sooner the price move will happen. The averages continuing in an upward direction (green followed by red and blue) indicates an emerging uptrend which we interpret as a signal to buy. The averages following each other in the reversed order down the slope are a strong signal of an unfolding downtrend, so sell.

This strategy is to adapt by adding the Average true range (ATR), Standard deviation (STD) and Average daily range (ADR). These functions are used to calculate the area of loss recovery with two methods, dynamic and fixed.

Key Features

  • Trades on different timeframes. Recommended for M15.
  • Trades on any pair.
  • Initial deposit: $1000+ (minimum Lots = 0.01).
  • This Expert Advisor uses the recovery zone algorithm.
  • Uses dynamic or fixed pending orders.
  • Use only five-digit accounts.
  • Using real tick data in backtest with 99.9% modeling quality.
  • It is recommended to use a low spread ECN Broker.

  • MagicNumber - Magic number to set the ID for each EA.
  • Lots - initial lot size.
  • UseLotsize - set as Auto_Lots or Fixed_Lots.
  • Multiplier - previous lot size will multiplied.
  • Risk - set the percentage of risk.
  • Slippage - slippage size.
  • Auto_Trade - set as default.
  • UseRecoveryGap - set as Dynamic_Gap or Fixed_Gap.
    • Gap - recovery zone, pips.
  • UseDynamicMethod - set as ATR, STD or ADR method.
    • ATR - Average true range.
    • STD - Standard deviation.
    • ADR - Average daily range.
  • UseBreakeven - set as true or false.
    • BE_FIXED - move your stop loss to breakeven point when you get profitable
  • Drawdown Percent Settings
    • ClosePending - set as true or false.
    • DDPercent - set the percentage to cut off the loss, % drawdown.
    • MaxSlippage - Max slippage size, pips.
  • Variable_Settings - use default or change values of variables by optimizing.
    • jaw_period - Jaw line averaging period.
    • jaw_shift - Jaw line shift.
    • teeth_period - Teeth line averaging period.
    • teeth_shift - Teeth line shift.
    • lips_period - Lips line averaging period.
    • lips_shift - Lips line shift.
  • News Filter Function:
    • URL_News "http://ec.forexprostools.com/"
    • NewsSymbol - Set true or false, true = download news for only currency on chart, false = download news for all currencies on chart
    • BrokerGMTOffset - Your Broker GMT Offset
    • LowVolatilityNews - Set true or false for Low Volatility News filter
    • ModerateVolatilityNews - Set true or false for Moderate Volatility News filter
    • HighVolatilityNews - Set true or false for High Volatility News filter
    • NonfarmPayrollsNews - Set true or false for Nonfarm Payrolls News filter
    • StopBeforeLowNews - Set minutes for Stop Before Low News
    • StopAfterLowNews - Set minutes for Stop After Low News
    • StopBeforeModerateNews - Set minutes for Stop Before Moderate News
    • StopAfterModerateNews - Set minutes for Stop After Moderate News
    • StopBeforeHighNews - Set minutes for Stop Before High News
    • StopAfterHighNews - Set minutes for Stop After High News
    • StopBeforeNFPNews - Set minutes for Stop Before Nonfarm Payrolls News
    • StopAfterNFPNews - Set minutes for Stop After Nonfarm Payrolls News
    • CloseAllOrdersBeforeNews - Set true or false for Close All Orders Before News
    • DrawNewsLines - Set true or false for drawing the news lines
    • LowColor - Set color for Low Volatility News filter
    • ModerateColor - Set color for Moderate Volatility News filter
    • HighColor - Set color for High Volatility News filter
  • Day Of Week Filter Function:
    • StartTradeTime - Set time to start trading
    • EndTradeTime - Set time to end trading
    • TradeFriday_Mode - Set ON/OFF for Friday trading
      • start_time - Start trading hour on Friday 
      • end_time - End trading hour on Friday
  • Display Settings - apply default or change display position
    • Top - distance from the top
    • Left - distance from the left

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Version 2.1 2018.12.08
SPD Crocodile v2.1 Upgrade:
- Added a new parameter: TradeFriday_Mode - Set ON/OFF for Friday trading
- Added a new parameter: start_time - Start trading hour on Friday
- Added a new parameter: end_time - End trading hour on Friday
Improved time filter function:
- StartTradeTime - set time to start trading
- EndTradeTime - set time to end trading
Display Function: Improved the display function.
Improved efficiency
Reduced the risk of trading
Version 2.0 2018.03.09
SPD Crocodile v2.0 updates:
- News Filter Function:
- Added a new parameter: URL_News "http://ec.forexprostools.com/"
- Added a new parameter: NewsSymbol
- Added a new parameter: BrokerGMTOffset
- Added a new parameter: LowVolatilityNews
- Added a new parameter: ModerateVolatilityNews
- Added a new parameter: HighVolatilityNews
- Added a new parameter: NonfarmPayrollsNews
- Added a new parameter: StopBeforeLowNews
- Added a new parameter: StopAfterLowNews
- Added a new parameter: StopBeforeModerateNews
- Added a new parameter: StopAfterModerateNews
- Added a new parameter: StopBeforeHighNews
- Added a new parameter: StopAfterHighNews
- Added a new parameter: StopBeforeNFPNews
- Added a new parameter: StopAfterNFPNews
- Added a new parameter: CloseAllOrdersBeforeNews
- Added a new parameter: DrawNewsLines
- Added a new parameter: LowColor
- Added a new parameter: ModerateColor
- Added a new parameter: HighColor

- Day Of Week Filter Function:
- Added a new parameter: Monday
- Added a new parameter: Tuesday
- Added a new parameter: Wednesday
- Added a new parameter: Thursday
- Added a new parameter: Friday
- Added a new parameter: Saturday
- Added a new parameter: Sunday
- Added a new parameter: StartTradeTime
- Added a new parameter: EndTradeTime