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SPD Fractal Breakout

This trading system is based on criteria of various technical indicators. These include fractals, Alligator and ADX (measuring trend strength with average directional movement index). This algorithm uses a hedging strategy in the zone of volatility.

To explain it: if fractal to buy is above the Alligator's Teeth line, the pending Sell Stop order to open the position should be placed 1 point below the low bar, which formed a fractal. If the fractal to sell is below the Alligator's Teeth line, the pending Buy Stop order must be placed 1 point above the high bar, which formed a fractal.

And by adding the Average true range (ATR), Standard deviation (STD) and Average daily range (ADR), they can be used to calculate the area of loss recovery with two methods, dynamic and fixed. This strategy is similar to the "FDM Strategy".

Key Features

  • Trades on different timeframes. Recommended for M15.
  • Trades on any pair.
  • Initial deposit $1000+ (minimum Lots = 0.01).
  • This Expert Advisor uses the recovery zone algorithm.
  • Uses dynamic or fixed pending orders.
  • Use only five-digit accounts.
  • Using real tick data in backtest with 99.9% modeling quality.


  • MagicNumber - Magic number to set the ID for each EA.
  • Lots - initial lot size.
  • UseLotsize - set as Auto_Lots or Fixed_Lots.
  • Multiplier - previous lot size will multiplied.
  • Risk - set the percentage of risk.
  • Slippage - slippage size.
  • Auto_Trade - set as default.
  • UseRecoveryGap - set as Dynamic_Gap or Fixed_Gap.
    • Gap - recovery zone, pips.
  • UseDynamicMethod - set as ATR, STD or ADR method.
    • ATR - Average true range.
    • STD - Standard deviation.
    • ADR - Average daily range.
      • AtrPeriod - ATR averaging period.
      • StdPeriod - STD averaging period.
      • AdrPeriod - ADR averaging period.
      • F_Gap - Gap factor.
  • UseBreakeven - set as true or false.
    • BE_FIXED - “BE_FIXED=200” simply means that this Expert Advisor will move your stop loss to breakeven once 200 points profit has been achieved.
  • Drawdown Percent Settings
    • ClosePending - set as true or false.
    • DDPercent - set the percentage to cut off the loss, % drawdown.
    • MaxSlippage - Max slippage size, pips.
  • Variable_Settings - use default or change values of variables by optimizing.
    • Alligator Variables:
      • JawPeriod - Jaw line averaging period.
      • JawShift - Jaw line shift.
      • TeethPeriod - Teeth line averaging period.
      • TeethShift - Teeth line shift.
      • LipsPeriod - Lips line averaging period.
      • LipsShift - Lips line shift.
    • ADX Variables:
      • AdxPeriod - averaging period.
      • Adx_Main - Base indicator line.
      • Adx_Plus - +DI indicator line.
      • Adx_Minus - -DI indicator line.
  • Background Settings - use default or change the background color.
  • UseTimeAlert - If you choose to use, the system will turn on notifications. Input true or false.
    • StartHour - start trading.
    • EndHour - trading finished.
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