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YPY Trading Aggregator

YPY Trading Aggregator is a universal multifunctional software package for aggregation of trading. This functionality can be useful for multicurrency trading and/or application of multiple experts on a single trading account, as well as for combining automatic and manual trading.

Also, anyone can use this utility to estimate the risk of the current online trading on the account (the maximum possible losses in % of the account balance).

The utility aggregates the data of the active trade and outputs the following information to a single panel:

  1. On the active instruments (with open charts and/or orders).
  2. On the number of open orders for each direction separately (Buy/Sell);
  3. On the total volume of the open orders separately for each direction (Buy/Sell).
  4. The value of delta (difference) between the volumes of two directions (Buy/Sell).
  5. The actual leverage for each active instrument.
  6. Spread size for each active instrument.
  7. The total amount of floating profit/loss of all open deals for each instrument.
  8. The total amount of drawdown of all open deals for each instrument as a percentage of the balance.
  9. The maximum amount of possible losses of all open deals for each instrument as a percentage of the balance.
  10. The final maximum amount of possible losses of all open deals on the account as a percentage of the balance.

To use the utility, it is enough to attach it to any free chart of any instrument. An example of use is shown in the video below.

Risk assessment methodology

The maximum amount of possible losses as a percentage of the balance is calculated with consideration of the following hypothetical factors:

  1. On all active instruments, a rapid one-way price movement has taken place towards the loss for the open orders with predominant volume (Delta Buy/Sell), which triggered the real stop loss levels.
  2. Losses of the real stop loss activation are calculated for the volume specified in the Delta Buy/Sell column, and are summed for all active instruments to calculate the maximum possible losses.
  3. If there is an open order with no real stop loss set, the risk is automatically considered as 100% (complete loss of balance). This is due to the fact that in case of connection loss or terminal shutdown for any reason, the open orders on the account cannot be controlled by the user / Expert Advisor.


  1. Due to the flexibility of the analyzer and specifics of the MetaTrader 4 platform, analysis is selective and its frequency depends on many factors (the number of activated analysis sections, the number of analyzed instruments, the number of programs running in the terminal, PC performance, etc.).
  2. The analyzer is distributed for informational purposes only. The developer is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of data obtained by a user in his/her terminal and for subsequent use of this data.
  3. The developer also plans to use this product to aggregate trading of the YPY trading systems. You can read about the aggregation in the blog.
  4. For a more detailed analysis of the broker specifications, you can use the YPY Check Your Broker analyzer.
Michael Beek
Michael Beek 2019.02.05 20:06 

Great and helpful tool, thanks for free sharing.

Poltergeist 2019.01.29 14:32 

Very nice tool which gives you a quick and easy overview of all your current trades!

Version 2.3 2020.03.07
Optimized for the new build of the terminal
Version 2.2 2020.03.06
Optimized for the new build of the terminal
Version 2.1 2020.03.02
Optimized for the new build of the terminal.
Version 1.8 2018.03.20
Performed additional adaptation to the trading conditions of various brokers.

The panel now displays additional information on breakeven (this column shows the calculated price value, at which the breakeven will be reached for the volume specified in the column Delta Buy/Sell)