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Cosmic Diviner Reversal Zone Pro

This unique multi-currency strategy simultaneously determines the end of the trend, entry points and the expected take profit levels for each trade. The indicator can determine entry points on any trading period from M1 to D1. For the convenience of users, the indicator renders the entry point (in the form of an arrow), recommended take profit levels (Fast Take Profit, Middle Take Profit, Main Take Profit, Global Take Profit) and the Stop Loss level.

A huge advantage of Reversal Zone Pro is an information panel in which the user can see the current information on potential entry points on all trading instruments, on which the indicator is installed, simultaneously.

The REVERSAL ZONE side panel visualizes the operation of the trading algorithm of the indicator. It shows the overbought and oversold zones. The take profit levels are automatically calculated for each trading period, depending on the volatility of the currency pair. The end of the trend is determined using proprietary algorithms.

Features of strategy

The Cosmic Diviner Reversal Zone Pro indicator never redraws its values.

  • Market entry levels:
    • Up arrow - buy signal.
    • Down arrow - sell signal.
  • Take Profit levels:
    • Fast Take Profit - the first Take profit Scalping target, a checkmark appears when reached.
    • Middle Take Profit - the second Take profit Middle target, a checkmark appears when reached.
    • Main Take Profit - the third Take profit Main target, a checkmark appears when reached.
    • Global Take Profit - the fourth Take profit Global target, a checkmark appears when reached.
  • Stop Loss - a cross appears when reached.

Indicator Parameters

  • Notifications - alert and sound.
  • Push Notifications - Push notifications.
  • Indicator color options - color scheme of the indicator.
  • Table option - settings of the table.
  • Side panel reversal zone options - settings of the side panel which indicates the overbought and oversold zones.
JackFX 2018.03.07 05:44 


RK99 2018.01.17 09:17 

This is the 3rd indicator i get from Olena, so far this is the best. You need a proper trading strategy, money managment and plan to use this indicator. This indicator is the best reversal indicator i've ever used. For those who love to trade reversal trend, this is a must have tool. Good Job Olena and her team !!!