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Double Top Tracker Free Version

This indicator is a free version of Double Top Tracker. Unlike the full version, some functions are disabled and the parameters cannot be changed.

This indicator analyzes in parallel price charts for multiple currency pairs on all timeframes and notifies you as soon as a double tops or double bottoms pattern has been identified. The alert occurs when the the second peak has been reached.

Double Top is a trend reversal pattern which are made up of two consecutive peaks that are more and less equal with a trough in-between. This pattern is a clear illustration of a battle between buyers and sellers. The buyers are attempting to push the security but are facing resistance, which prevents the continuation of the upward trend. After this goes on a couple of times, the buyers in the market start to dry up, and the sellers start to take a stranglehold sending it down into a new downtrend.

Double Bottom is the opposite chart pattern of the double top as it signals a reversal of the downtrend into an uptrend.


  • Loads automatically historical price data from broker server
  • Tracks all currency pairs for all timeframes in parallel
  • Configures which currency pairs on which timeframes you want to be alerted


Double Top/Bottom settings

  • BarsInterval - Minimum of bars between peaks;
  • PeakDistance - Maximum price distance between peaks (unit in pips);
  • TrendDistance - Minimum distance between the beginning of the trend and the neck (unit in pips);

Currency Pairs and Timeframes

  • Symbols- Currency pairs to monitors. Each pairs are separated by a coma and the name has to be identical to symbol name displayed into the Market Watch;
  • M1 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • M5 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • M15 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • M30 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • H1 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • H4 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • D1 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • W1 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • MN1 - True to monitor this timeframe;


  • AlertNotification- True to enable messages in the terminal when signals occur;
  • PushNotification- True to enable sending push notifications to mobile devices;
  • MailNotification- True to enable sending emails;

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