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Jaguar tac

The indicator uses the Envelopes channel in its calculations, which allows working with dynamic support and resistance levels.

It also considers the direction and strength of the trend, as well as the mathematical calculation that determines the percent range of the price channel, which is generally formed at the time of the accumulation of positions. It first generates a preliminary signal in the form of a round arrow. Then it is necessary to wait for a normal arrow and enter the market only after that.

Take profit is from 15 to 50 points. Stop loss is placed beyond the local High and Low levels.


  • Bars - number of bars on the history.
  • Notices for a preliminary signal - select the alert for the preliminary signal: alert (pop-up window), email messages, push notifications.
  • Notices for the main signal - select the alert for the main signal: alert (pop-up window), email messages, push notifications.
  • Period Envelopes - period of the Envelopes indicator.
  • Shift Envelopes - shift of the Envelopes indicator.
  • Envelopes method - calculation method of the Envelopes indicator.
  • Envelopes Apply to - applied price of the Envelopes indicator.
  • Deviation Envelopes - percentage for the Envelopes indicator.
2018.01.15 09:05 

Hello Pavel,

First of all I want to thank you, providing such an amazing indicator for free. I am speachless. The indicator plots a lot of arrows, but it doesnt matter, because he keeps you allways on the right direction. Just open a position, and if the price run against you re open(hedge) a new position in the same direction and be patient!!! In most cases over 90% the price goes in your direction. Best indicator for scalping, fits perfekt to my trading style in the one minute chart EUR/USD for example. With the right moneymanagement, this is the best supporting tool on MQL5.

May your pips allways green.

2017.12.26 16:29 

Интересный индикатор!!!

Пока тестирование радует!!! Работаем в +

2017.12.03 04:12 

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