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Cosmic Diviner Scalper System

This is a multi-currency author strategy, designed for trading on the M5 timeframe. Entry points are calculated using custom formulas and algorithms that allow you to effectively determine current trend in the market, obtain the entry points (buy/sell) and the optimal levels to close orders.

Recommended currency pairs are EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY.

A huge advantage of Scalper System is the availability of an information panel in which the user can see the current information on potential entry points, simultaneously on all trading instruments on which the indicator is running. Also, in the information panel, the actual information on the results of the previous transactions (in pips) is displayed. The system is equipped with a dialog box in which you can get up-to-date information on entry points, the achievement of Take Profit and Stop Loss levels, and optionally you can enable sound alerts.

The indicator is equipped with a very convenient visualized trading zone in the form of a blue square - when a Buy signal appears - and a red square - when a Sell signal appears. When the entry points appear, the indicator displays recommended levels of Take Profit and Stop Loss in the form of horizontal lines with price labels. The Cosmic Diviner Scalper System is designed for scalping. For maximum efficiency the indicator includes built-in filters for pre-term trade exit depending on the market situation and currency pair fluctuations. Strategy use options are described below.

Features of strategy

The Cosmic Diviner Scalper System indicator is never redrawn.

  • Entry points:
    • Buy Signal - blue arrow pointing upwards, blue trading zone on the chart.
    • Sell ​​signal - red arrow pointing down, red trading zone on the chart.
  • Levels of Take Profit:
    • The zone of the recommended maximum Take Profit setting is displayed as a horizontal line with a blue price label.
    • Level TP1 - first Take Profit for scalping; the target is displayed as a blue tick.
    • Level TP2 - second Max Take Profit target - displayed as a blue tick at the level of the horizontal line of the Max TP installation. In case the price does not take the Max TP, we recommend closing the position at the end of the visualization zone.

Options for using the strategy:

  1. When one blue tick appears to fix a profit - a quick scalping goal.
  2. When one blue tick appears, fix half the profit and move the SL to a breakeven. When two blue ticks appear, close the order.
  • Stop Loss levels:
    • The zone of the recommended Stop Loss level is displayed as a horizontal line with an orange price label.
    • The appearance of the pink cross at the end of the visualized trade zone means a recommendation to exit from the open position.


  • Alert and sound (true/false) - alert and sound on/off.
  • Push-notification Enter (true/false) - push-notification on/off.
  • Push-notification TP and SL (true/false) - push-notification for TP and SL on/off.
2018.02.07 17:25 

1) Excellent customer service

2) Excellent indicator

3) The Boss is beautiful & Smart and the team is wonderful. !!!!!

2018.01.09 15:10 

One of the best indicator i've ever use. It fits into my trading system and strategy. Good Job !!!

Version 2.20 - 2018.01.30
1. The indicator is optimized for trading on four-digit quotes.
Version 2.0 - 2017.11.28
1. Added push notifications:

Push-notification Enter - true/false
Push-notification TP and SL - true/false

2. Added visualization of trading results for the previous 2 days