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The TemplateSwitcher utility allows automatically switching the set of indicators and objects used on the chart depending on the current timeframe and/or symbol.

It often happens that an indicator with a certain period is used on a chart of a higher timeframe, while the same indicator with an increased calculation period is required for a smaller timeframe. Of course, it is possible to open two charts of different timeframes with the required indicator periods. But what if duplication of charts of the same symbol cannot be afforded? In this case, it remains only to switch between the two timeframes, constantly reconfiguring the chart template.

However, if you attach TemplateSwitcher to the chart, it will be sufficient to create all the required templates for any chart timeframes and symbols once, and then forget about the reconfiguration of the chart appearance whenever its timeframe is switched.

The chart template can be created by pressing the button, which appears in the bottom right corner of the chart when hovered by mouse (se screenshot 1). Pressing the button saves the template (see screenshot 2). The template will be automatically loaded when switching to the EURUSD H1 chart.


The utility can be used for creating templates, which depend on the symbols and timeframes, or depend solely on timeframes. To do this, simply select the required option to separate templates in the "Templates difference" parameter.

If the "By symbol and timeframe" option is selected, then each symbol will have individual templates for all timeframes used. In other words, the EURUSD H1 template will not be used for any other symbol, i. e. opening a GBPUSD H1 chart will not give the chart appearance configured for EURUSD H1.

In case the "By timeframe only" option is selected, the loaded and saved templates will be the same for all symbols used. For example, after creating a template on the EURUSD H1 chart and later attaching the utility to the GBPUSD H1 chart, the chart will look the same as previously configured for EURUSD H1.

2017.11.11 09:58 

Very usefull tool, simplifies monitoring the markets.