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TSO Loss Management

TSO Loss Management is an Expert Advisor that incorporates advanced mechanics to eliminate losses from losing trades.

  • Adapts to diverse market conditions and micromanages each position to cover losses as fast as possible and with minimum risk.
  • It uses all the tools of the TSO Signal Builder EA - almost infinite entry/exit strategies.
  • Add negative management to any strategy (manual or automated) to eliminate losing trades.
  • No pending orders placed.
  • Any account size - $1,000+ is recommended.
  • Allows for a lot of customization (a default strategy included for demonstration purposes).


  1. A trade loses enough to activate the Loss Management system.
  2. The System starts opening multiple positions in the direction of the initial position on the levels of support and resistance.
  3. Meanwhile, the Swings mechanism uses small swinging price movements to capture profit from sideways market.
  4. All positions are closed when their net loss, including the profits captured from swings, is zero (0) or a requested profit target has been reached.
If the EA is shut down unexpectedly it can be restarted as long as the Expert Properties have not been changed. Then it will continue normally, taking into account the previous orders it created. However, this Expert Advisor can result in open trades that last from hours to weeks and it requires to be open throughout that period. It is possible to run from a PC if it can be constantly open and online but using a VPS is highly recommended.

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Inputs specific to the Loss Management system

Check the Quick Start Guide for detailed explanations.

  1. ENABLE Loss Management System.
  2. Distance to Activate Loss Management (pips).
  3. Distance Between Loss Management Orders (pips).
  4. ENABLE Dynamic Distances
    • Simple: the lot size is adjusted based on the equation 𝑋(𝑛)=𝑎∗𝑋(𝑛−1)^𝑏+𝑐.
    • Smart: orders will be opened at the lines of support / resistance.
    • Disable.
  5. Order after which Dynamic Distances Start [ONLY FOR EQUATION].
  6. 𝑎,𝑏,𝑐 [ONLY FOR EQUATION].
  7. Select no of Bars (Odd Number) [ONLY FOR SMART]: Sets the number of candles required to determine the lines of support / resistance.
  8. ENABLE Dynamic Lot Size: Lot size adjusted based on the equation 𝑋(𝑛)=𝑎∗𝑋(𝑛−1)^𝑏+𝑐.
  9. Number Of Orders Per Lot Size.
  10. 𝑎,𝑏,𝑐.
  11. Lot Size Stabilizer (lots) [0 = Disable]: lot size at which the lots will remain constant.
  12. ENABLE Averaging.
  13. Averaging Target Profit (pips): The net profit to be gained after all orders are closed through averaging.
  14. ENABLE Swings: The Swings mechanism sets a profit target for each position opened through the Loss Management system and closes each position once the target has been reached.
  15. Order At Which Swings Start.
  16. Swings Target Profit (pips) [0 = Disable].
  17. ENABLE Swings Profit Adjustment [ONLY FOR DYNAMIC DISTANCES]: This mechanism adjusts the size of the Swings target profit (above input) so that it remains proportional to the distance between positions.
  18. ENABLE Swing Trailing Stop: A trailing stop for each Loss Management position that follows the swing mechanism.
  19. Swing Trailing Stop Activation Level (pips).
  20. Swing Trailing Stop Distance (pips).
  21. Secure Ratio (0 = Disable) [ONLY IF SWINGS ENABLED]: The ratio between (Swings Captured Profit) / (Open Loss) at which the Loss Management cycle will be closed.
  22. (Open Loss) %_of_Balance for Secure Ratio Activation: The open loss as a percentage of current balance at which the Secure Ratio mechanism is activated.
  23. ENABLE Economy Mode 1: This mechanism uses the profit captured through swings in order to close open positions starting from the initial position and continuing through the positions opened through the Loss Management system, in the sequence they were opened.
  24. ENABLE Economy Mode 2: This mechanism closes the most profitable positions and the most losing position once the open profit of the former is equal to the open loss of the latter. This results in less open positions.
  25. (Open Loss) %_of_Balance for Economy Mode Activation.
  26. Balance Mode
    • Static: Use the initial balance.
    • Dynamic: Use the current balance.
  27. Custom Indicator Settings: Custom automated strategies can be added as entry signals through indicators. The losing orders are then managed through the Loss Managment system.
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Version 2.86 2018.03.27
- Added time shift to all indicators possible.

- Minor improvements in order execution.
Version 2.51 2017.11.23
- Improved panel for manual trading
- Minor bug fixes
Version 2.0 2017.09.11
- Added time filter. Trading can be stopped for specific months, dates, days of the week, hours.
- Added "Adjustable" lots in "Lot Size Features". Lots can now be directly proportional to account balance.
- Added manual trading panel. Trades can be opened manually and losing trades will be managed through the Loss Management System.
- External indicators can be used. Users can add their own strategies as indicators, or use already existing indicators. The EA will read their buffer and make automated trades. Loss Management is used to eliminate losing trades.
- Minor bug fixes.