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Advanced Scalper

Advanced Scalper is the result of more than 15 years of studying the markets and programming expert advisors. It uses very advanced exit-algorithms and has a build in spread-filter and slippage-control algorithms. It is fully customisable to suit the client's needs and offers many setup possibilities. Of course there are also recommended settings which will be available in the comments-pages.

Recommended broker: http://icmarkets.com/?camp=48854

The basic logic of the EA is already running for more than 3 years on live accounts with success. These results will also be posted in the comments-pages.

In theory, the EA can be applied to any low spread market that has good liquidity, though I recommend these currency-pairs in particular: EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD and XAUUSD.

The EA can be used in 2 ways (at the moment):

  • Fully automatic trading, using a High/Low breakout system for entry calculations. This mode can be run on any timeframe, but for more secure entry points, I recommend using H1 or H4.
  • As a tool for manual trading strategies, where the trader can pick the entry points, or in combination with other EA's for setting the entry points, and the Advanced Scalper EA will use its advanced exit-algorithms to follow up those trades.

In the future, new entry-strategies and/or exit-strategies might be added to the EA, but only if they pass my strict quality control.

For latest presets and manual: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/strueli/blog

Main Characteristics of the EA

  • Strict use of stoploss on every trade
  • very advanced SL-management
  • spread filter to avoid trading during bad market conditions
  • slippage control algorithm, to avoid bigger losses during heavy slippage
  • fully automatic mode, with adjustable entries
  • exit-strategy can be used on any manual trade(s) or on trades from other EA's
  • survives strict high quality backtests, with real variable spreads, commission and random slippage at 99% tickquality
  • Proven live results on "high balance" accounts and with several different brokers.

It is recommended to use the EA on brokers with low spread, low commission and fast execution. Also a broker with STOPLEVEL=0 will work best (=minimum distance to put SL).

Most ECN Brokers have these qualities.

Parameter Overview

(this is a short version of the description. The full description is available in the manual, which is available here)

  • spread/slippage filters -> Here you can set the spread filter and the slippage control
  • time filters -> here you can set friday-stophour as well as the NFP filter
  • other filters -> here you can set various options, like Virtual SL mode and preferred chart-information
  • Strategy 1 - Trade Entry management -> here you can set the various parameters to determine the entry of the trades
  • Strategy 2 - Manual trade settings -> here you adjust the selection of trades for manual trading, or monitoring of trades from other EA's
  • Trade Exit management -> here you can set all the different exit-strategies, SL and TP management
  • Lotsize Settings -> here you can set the method of calculating the lot size for Strategy 1
  • Trading Hours -> here you can determine during which hours the EA should be active (for Strategy 1)
Never forget that past performance is no guarantee for the future

Sergey Zhuravkov
Sergey Zhuravkov 2019.12.06 09:35 

Как и все пробойники, относительно средние показатели

Woltner Cyrille
Woltner Cyrille 2019.09.06 22:55 

Wim is a very honest developer that need to trust his work and honesty about he sell, most of developer sell EA that are only scam and never work in real, but Wim EA are different (i'm in forex still 10 years now and have test and use more than 100 EA, really yes), Wim EA are the best that i know !.

i am an old customer and know Wim since 2015, i have bought a lot of his EA (Grid, momentum, Scalper and gbpjpy price action), always satisfied for what i have buy !!. I will post a final review in few months about performance of his EA.

Happy trading and good luck.....

takoya ki
takoya ki 2019.08.08 12:35 


I have used about 1 year. You can control possible losses and generate profits in the long run with this EA.

Of course, the lot size should be small enough to withstand possible losses (as is true for all EAs).

sheangannon 2018.07.21 03:40 

I had a rocky start with this EA as I started in January when it had a big draw-down. The main problems was the 50PipSL on the EURUSD set. I have adjusted this to a 20PipSL and just run the 1Hr chart set only. I also run the USDJPY set and a modified GBPUSD. I have recovered the original draw-down and up 30% on the account. Recently put in on Blueberry Markets account and up 35% in 2 weeks. When it fires it really fires. It does seem to be very sensitive to some brokers. I had it on an IC Markets account and had nothing but losses when the other accounts had winners. It works best on Blueberry and Pepperstone Accounts using VPS for me. Great work Wim

Cristobal Giron
Cristobal Giron 2018.06.19 19:10 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Eric Ruvalcaba
Eric Ruvalcaba 2018.05.09 00:52 

Excellent support by Wim, EA shows very stable operation on my real account. Long term results seem promising.

My results: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/24254#!tab=comments&page=40&comment=7377911

Ron David Klassen
Ron David Klassen 2018.05.03 06:18 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Xing Zhihao
Xing Zhihao 2018.04.27 18:41 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

bluefx 2018.04.07 16:59 

I decided to give one star to this product because the developer deleted the MT4 signal related to this product after he got a few months of straight losses. He then started a new signal with a penny account so he can hide the previous losses. I find it a dishonest practice that should not be encouraged. People who buy this EA will have to use it with a decent account to hope cover its price but once they get losses, they cannot just erase the losses and start a new account from scratch...

Regarding the EA itself, the developer gives 3 set files on EURUSD and provides the backtests associated with these set files. Backtests are very profitable, but results have been very bad since these set files are applied in real trading. This could not be a coincidence and is very likely a sign of a curve fitting via optimization. Not even talking about the fact that backtests are not reliable for scalpers like this EA.

It's easy to understand that an EA like this one cannot profitable in the long term. There is actually no edge. The scalper just tries to grab a couple of pips randomly after a breakout. But you would need much more to consistently take money from the big boys. Because at this game you cannot compete with their ultra fast HFT algorithms with your MT4 platform.

CupidAlaska 2018.03.19 17:23 

Running on H1_SL10 only until we can get some stability in the market

Another excellent EA created by Wim, all the negative reviews are from people who don't know proper risk management. Simple as that.

Hamood78955 2018.03.14 18:09 

Hello ,, i've rented this EA for 2 months now . every thing is working great on back-test 99% . but when testing on demo there is ONE problem with trading hours ,it doesn't work at all if it set as true and EA will never open a single position .

i am happy to buy this EA but after fixing this problem.

to me it is very important .

for now i will give it 4 stars until the next update.

Great Work

Msoldi2 2018.03.13 15:13   

Hola te pedi por privado la configuracion manual y automatica y de salida un poco de soporte y nada!!!

Markus Katzmaier
Markus Katzmaier 2018.03.09 00:19 

Well, another bot working with (most time) low profit and high losses if you get a stop. In fact losing until now 25% of account (Pepperstone Razor). And stopped it. Waste of time and money to buy this EA.

yukifune 2018.03.01 03:20 

Back test was perfect

Mikedpa1 2018.02.15 21:50 

I've been running this EA for 6 weeks on a live account. i put a lot of time into back testing with tick data using variable spreads and did have 99.9% modeling quality. back test results are great.

wim was excellent with helping me set up FIFO compatibility as i am US based, and with helping me set my risk management.

this EA MUST have the proper lot size step for the size of your account, your brokers margin requirements and your risk appetite. i have lot size step of 200 for EURUSD and lot size step 130 for GBPUSD on a 5000 account. gives each pair roughly half the account to trade with. I am running on a VPS.

i am using wim's EURUSD SL50.set file and Wim's GBPUSD SL10.set file for my settings on the EA

the EA has been good with entering orders and is VERY aggressive with stop loss management which is good when the market moves very quickly in your direction. it lock profits fast.

i have however not experienced and profit in my account over the last 6 weeks. my loosing trades are outpacing my winners. hence no profit. i have 3 other EA's i'm using and they all in profit for the same time period. I understand risk settings and how to use the EA, i spent many hours learning and testing prior to setup. i don't just buy and start using any EA, that's foolish.

i really like the EA's trade philosophy but the profitability isn't there for me in my experience. I've been doing manual trades to cover the losses of this EA.

as of today i am stopping this EA to my disappointment. i do see where it has negative months but over the long term will make money when back testing. the balance drawdowns are not for me.

Vladlen Oleynikov
Vladlen Oleynikov 2018.02.06 06:44 

Продам активацию этого советника 50$

ZHE WEI 2018.02.05 01:55 

1 week, hit 4 full sl, almost wipe all the profit last 1 month.

--update 30/1

I will keep update the star level once the result change.

--update 1/Feb

I am going to give up this product , hit sl again and wipe all the 2 month profit.

Rinaldo Adi Sarosa
Rinaldo Adi Sarosa 2018.02.01 09:48 

bad ea.. i have just bought it for 1 month and i have lost 50% of my equity

Samuel Cruz Perez
Samuel Cruz Perez 2018.01.29 05:53   

Acabo de rentar por un mes, vere que tal funciona y si llegara a ser rentable lo adquiero por completo..

Daniel Christian Anggrian
Daniel Christian Anggrian 2018.01.05 16:41 

Good EA !!!

braainwash 2017.12.21 15:35 

Very good EA!

Siemen Geeraerts
Siemen Geeraerts 2017.12.18 15:51 

This is the best EA I ever bought (and I have bought a lot of crappy EA's), it is the real thing *****!!!

Advanced Scalper is making up for all the money I spend on AE that don't work as they should.

Wim is a very professional developer and never let me down if I had a question or I needed some information. (Very fast response time!)

Thanks again Wim!

Groetjes ;-)

Ka Shing Leung
Ka Shing Leung 2017.10.27 01:08 

Good performance of EURUSD pair

Manabu Yanagita
Manabu Yanagita 2017.10.25 23:21 


wroger 2017.09.15 22:14 

Hello, i start 02.08.2017 and have now 4.79% Profit, its early , but EA works fine on Admiral Markets Real Account. Time will tell.

Update 15.09 : I use EU setfiles, 48 Win Trades from 51. Great results

THOMAS FREY 2017.09.13 16:45 

Update 13.09.2017


Increased from 1 to 4 Stars. Working with profit on EURUSD with bigger SL and some set-file tweaking. Backtest with 99.9% quality from 2012-2017 successful. Will forward test other settings if I have time.

Review 21.08.2017


I'm sorry to say this, but this EA has a very bad performance. I use exactly the settings the author made available in comment 131 (https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/24254#!tab=comments&page=7&comment=5614231). The result is 72.71% loss trades, on a real money account. I will stop using this EA and can not recommend it to anyone. recommend. Perhaps he was much better before, but now he loses money very quickly.

Signal Overview:




hx279 2017.09.07 02:02 



asaens15 2017.08.19 17:36 

Poor performer ... I put on 3 terminals with different brokers (1 using VPS) and performance since shortly after installation (Aug. 4th) has been mediocre. If no improvement in next week or 2, I'll remove to make CPUs and resources available for other more productive EAs.

Giovanni Pascoli
Giovanni Pascoli 2017.08.02 08:13 

Wim is very professional developer. For now the Ea is profitable on my real account. Need more time for estimate it and i will update the review. Five stars for kindness and support of the author. Thank you.

Version 1.4 2018.05.14
Version 1.4: fixed RiskPerTrade lotsize calculation for 2 and 4digit brokers
Version 1.3 2018.01.29
Version 1.3
- Added option to use High/Low exit parameters after breakeven

Version 1.2:
- Added ST1_MinDist_to_HL_percentage (for SP500 set)
Version 1.1 2018.01.10
- added option to set SL and TP after entry
- added option for virtual expiration on pending orders for some brokers