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Average Pivot

The Average Pivot indicator draws support and resistance levels calculated depending on the average line value:

  • Support line = average line - radius;
  • Resistance line = average line + radius;

The average line is not displayed. The indicator helps to find the most optimal market entry and exit points. It is convenient to use multiple indicators with different settings simultaneously. Average Pivot can alert you about the intersection of the support and resistance lines straight in the terminal or send you a push notification.

User Inputs

  • MA period — the average line period;
  • MA type — the average line type;
  • MA applied price — price used for the average line calculation;
  • MA radius — radius value;
  • Alert — type of alerts;


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Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks 2018.03.22 03:38 

This indicator has no effectiveness, you would be better off using Bollinger bands