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This long-term trading system works on 12 pairs and timeframe. It uses various trading systems, such as trend trading, countertrend trading and others. This increases the chances of sustained growth and reduces exposure to a single pair or individual operations. The risk is very controlled.

The settings are very simple, there is no need to change them. Optimization is not required as well.

Realistic management of internal adjustments. Instead of trying to find the exact values that fit the historical prices of each pair, the EA uses values that are effective in all pairs. This demonstrates the strength of the algorithms of the EA and reinforces the possibilities of maintaining the good performance in the future movements. The robot bases its advantage on intraday volatility, which often occurs independently of market bias.

It does not need sophisticated trading conditions or high execution speed, it works in any broker (ECN account recommended), and the computer resources needed to run the expert are very low.

Monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/profi_mql

It does no use hedging, martingale, grid and other risky strategies.

Economic news are used.

For the EA to work correctly, open Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. Check the option "Allow WebRequests for listed URL:". Add http://ec.forexprostools.com, http://time.is/UTC and click OK.

For the strategy tester: the EA provides integrated data on economic news from 2015.01.01 to 2017.06.06.

Pairs and Timeframe

  • The EA has been optimized on the following currency pairs: USDCHF, EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURAUD, USDCAD, AUDCAD, EURJPY, EURCAD, GBPJPY, EURGBP, and the timeframe: M15.

Requirements and Recommendations

  • ECN accounts with a low spread;
  • Minimum balance is $200;
  • VPS.

Main Parameters

  • Show_Info_Panel - use the information panel (false - faster backtest);
  • Show_additional_panel - panel for backtesting;
  • Fixed_Lot - fixed lot (if Use_Risk_MM is false);
  • Magic - magic number for orders;
  • Order Comment - comment to orders;
  • Slippage - allowed slippage before an order is triggered;
  • Max Spread - maximum allowed spread;
  • Stop strategy trend - disable trading for a certain time (from 5 minutes to 24 hours) if an average spread exceeds Max_Spread;
  • Stop strategy reversal - disable trading for a certain time (from 5 minutes to 24 hours) if an average spread exceeds Max_Spread;
  • Adaptation of the spread to the stop loss - adding to a stop loss + spread;
  • Trend_strategy - if true, uses the trend trading strategy;
  • Reversal trend - if true, uses the trend reversal strategy;
  • Hidden_SL_and_TP - hidden stop loss and take profit;
  • Number_of_orders_for_each_symbols - the number of orders for each currency;
  • News filter:
    • use_high_news - trade high-impact news;
    • use_medium_news - trade medium-impact news;
      use_low_news - trade low-impact news;
    • News_update_every_N_minutes - news update time in minutes;
    • Minutes_after_high_news - minutes after high-impact news;
    • Minutes_before_high_news - minutes before high-impact news;
    • Minutes_after_medium_news - minutes after medium-impact news;
    • Minutes_before_medium_news - minutes before medium-impact news;
    • Minutes_after_low_news - minutes after low-impact news;
    • Minutes_before_low_news - minutes before the low-impact news;

Trading within the week:

  • Monday - when set to true, trading on Monday is allowed;
  • Tuesday - when set to true, trading on Tuesday is allowed;
  • Wednesday - when set to true, trading on Wednesday is allowed;
  • Thursday - when set to true, trading on Thursday is allowed;
  • Friday - when set to true, trading on Friday is allowed.

Trading by time within the day:

  • Use time - if true, the EA trades by time;
  • Time_Setting - server time or computer time;
  • GMT_mode - GMT offset of the broker server time (0 - disabled);
  • Every_Day_Start - operation start time (hh:mm);
  • Every_Day_End - operation end time (hh:mm).

Time to disable on Friday:

  • Use time - if true, the EA trades by time;
  • Disable_in_Friday - operation end time on Friday (hh:mm).
Nurettin Kilincarslan
2017.08.04 21:19 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Andrew Lee
2017.07.05 08:09 

I've had this EA for over a week now and have not had a single winning trade on my 3 accounts. I'm really unsure how the reviewers are getting profits. Perhaps they can post a link to their results or myfxbook page?

Happy to review and increase star rating once I get a winning trade. Support from the vendor has been good though, so 2 stars for now until I make up for initial and substantial losses.

Version 4.59 - 2017.12.14
1) Fixed placing and modifying pending orders.
2) For the strategy tester: economic news from 2014.01.01 to 2017.11.20 are built into the EA.
Version 4.53 - 2017.07.03
1. Fixed information dashboard.
2. Fixed closing of pending orders.