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Advanced Pivot Points MT4

This is a pivot points indicator with multiple calculation methods.

Main features

  1. Speed up by disabling labels option. To enhance interactive speed of all indicators, reduce the chart history size.
  2. Calculates pivot levels on 1, 4 and 24-hour periods.
  3. Change the period calculation time shift by 1-hour steps.
  4. Calculates up to 21 pivot levels using most methods (some methods have a fixed number of levels).
  5. EA friendly (all the levels are drawn by buffers).


  1. General settings:
    1. Pivot Point Supports/Resistances - select how many pairs of support/resistance to draw - value of 3 will draw pivot point with 3 supports and 3 resistances.
    2. Display Median Pivots - select Yes if you want Median lines between pivot points to be drawn.
    3. Pivot Calculation Method - select one of 6 available calculation methods.
  2. Time settings:
    1. Hours Offset From Server Time (-11 to +11) - select offset hours from server time (for example, entering -1 will start calculation from 23:00 to 23:00 the next day, instead of calculating from 00:00 to 00:00). This indicator ignores the broker daily and 4-hour candles which are different for each broker.
    2. Pivot Points Time frame (1,4 hours or 1 day) - period to calculate the pivots on (1 day means 24 hours, not D1 candles)
  3. Style:
    1. Line Width - set line width for all support/resistance lines.
    2. Pivot Color - color for the pivot point.
    3. Resistances Color - color for resistance lines.
    4. Supports Color - color for support lines.
    5. Median Resistance Color - color for median resistance lines.
    6. Median Support Color - color for median support lines.
  4. Labels:
    1. Display Text Labels (Disable for speed) - select whether to display pivot point level names and values on the chart.
    2. Font Size - font size used to display the above text labels.
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