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Professional Pivot Points

This tool gives you the opportunity to display pivot point support and resistance levels as well as the daily open, weekly close and monthly close levels on your chart with high levels of customization.

Pivot points are important horizontal support and resistance levels that get calculated using the high, low and closing price of the previous period (for example D1). With this indicator, you can choose between hourly to monthly timeframes to base your pivot point calculation on.

There is a variety of trading strategies taking advantage of pivot points and daily opens, weekly close and monthly close which is partly why they are so important: they simply get used by a lot of traders!

Why "Professional Pivot Points"

As I have already mentioned, pivot point levels are highly important support and resistance levels. But as every chart reacts differently to often the same signals, it is extremely important to understand how you can trade those signals for each chart individually.

Most other pivot point indicators do simply not offer the option to show historical levels or select a time shift, although that can be vitally important for your understanding of the markets, therefore for your trading success and to find a trading strategy that suits you and the market best.

This indicator offers various personalization options to make it fit your taste. I will explain everything you need to know about the customization options further below in the section "Input Parameters".

You can even easily show different levels of multiple timeframes and pivot calculation modes on one chart by simultaneously running the program side by side as many times as you want, each time with different settings (see screenshots). If levels of different timeframes or calculation methods overlap, this tells you that there is an especially strong support or resistance in this area.

Input Parameters

  • Pivot Point Method - Select a method for calculating the pivot points (Standard, Woodie, Camarilla, Fibonacci and DeMark).
  • Fibonacci Pivot Points Levels - Select which Fibonacci levels your Fibonacci pivots should be based upon.
  • Show Fibonacci Levels - Select whether or not you would like to have labels for each Fibonacci level to display which level it is.
  • Pivot Timeframe - Choose a timeframe for the pivot point calculation (H4, D1, W1, MN1).
  • Time Shift - This Option lets you mimic the way the daily pivot points would be displayed in different time zones. For example, a time shift of 1 would simulate pivot points from a time zone that is one hour "behind" your own time zone.
  • Exclude Weekend Data (Market open on Sundays) - If the (forex) market opens on Sundays, this option will prevent you from getting wrong pivot points displayed on Mondays by using data from before the weekend.
  • Exclude Weekend Data (Market close on Saturdays) - If the (forex) market closes on Saturdays, you can use this option to draw the pivot points over the weekend.
  • Visible - Set if the levels should be visible.
  • Show History - Set if historical levels should be displayed on your chart.
  • Show Pivot Levels / Daily Open / Weekly Close / Weekly High and Low / Monthly Close - Set if the pivot point, daily open, weekly close weekly high/low and monthly close levels should be displayed on your chart.
  • Show Mid Pivot Levels - If you display pivot points on your chart, you can select if mid-pivot levels should also be displayed.
  • Save Object Resources - This option lets you reduce the history size (number of levels on the chart) and therefore reduce loading times and use of resources.
  • Draw as Background - Lets you draw the pivot levels as the background of the chart, so that they cannot cover up the charts.
  • Pivot Data Timeframe - If the levels display incorrectly, you can try changing this option to try to fix it. Sometimes, the data of one timeframe might be incomplete or otherwise corrupted.
  • Current and Historical Level Width, Style and Color - Choose your current and historical level width, style and color individually.


  • If you want to get an impression of how it works, you can download my product 'Easy Daily Open' for free. It uses mainly the same algorithms and is only reduced to the Daily Open function.
  • If you experience any problems with the program, please send me a message so that we can solve it.

Peter 2018.03.03 15:01 

Simon is a great developer and this is by far my favourite pivot indicator.

I'm quite sophisticated when it comes to pivots and other levels and this can do it all!

I can recommend.

ottovonglen 2018.01.11 15:17 

Been using Prof Pivot for some time now. The program offers a full array of Pivot options. I use the 4-hr on 1m charts, also weekly and monthly settings on all charts. Recently I switched to FIBO setting. The Primary Pivot is the same, but support and resistance pivots are based on Fibonacci.

Very versatile indicator, highly recommended.


Version 2.8 2019.07.26
Added feature that lets you set the color for each support and resistance level individually.

Now, if you only want to see the R3 Level for example, you can set all other level colors to "None", so that all other levels are invisible except those that you want to see.
Version 2.7 2019.06.23
Minor bug fixed.
Version 2.6 2019.06.22

- Possibility to customize the Fibonacci Levels. Now you can set up to 8 individual Levels.
- Weekly High/Low feature added.
- Bugs fixed
Version 2.5 2018.06.04
Option to display H1 Pivots removed.

Option "Pivot Data Timeframe" added, which lets you change the timeframe that the program gets its data from. If the levels display incorrectly, you can try changing this option to try to fix it. Sometimes, the data of one timeframe might be incomplete or otherwise corrupted.

Weekly and Monthly Close levels added.

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the levels not to be deleted when the indicator was deleted from the chart.
Version 2.4 2017.11.24
Fixed a bug that would cause the Daily Open levels to display incorrectly when the Pivot Point timeframe was not D1.
Version 2.3 2017.11.20
Fixed a lot of bugs including one that could freeze the program.

Added Time Shift feature for H4 Pivots.

Changed user inputs slightly, now you can change all the widths of the current and historical levels at once, without having to set them individually.

Performance updated. Now, it should be possible without problems to run different timeframes at once without affecting performance. In previous versions, this could make the program lag when changing the charts timeframe.

Auto-Update added.
Version 2.2 2017.08.15
Small bug fixed and general convenience updated.
Version 2.1 2017.07.24
Fixed the little bug that sometimes caused the current levels not to load properly.
Version 2.0 2017.06.30
Major Update:

Removed feature: Option to draw the levels as indicator buffers instead of objects removed. This option made the file a lot bigger than it needed to be and did not offer an advantage to be worth keeping.

New feature: Time Shift - Now, you can set a time shift to imitate the levels that would be drawn in other time zones. Of course, the pivot points of your time zone might not be the only ones relevant to you, as you may trade at times where trading in other time zones is more active than trading in your own time zone. Or you might just be curious how the prices usually react to the levels of a specific time zone and want to build a trading strategy around that. For all these purposes, this feature is vitally important and incredibly useful.

New feature: Exclude Weekend Data (Saturday) - Now, you can also select to draw the levels from Saturdays over the weekend. That means that the levels from Saturday get extended to the Monday after the weekend. This option is useful if you either live in an area where the market closes on Saturdays or use the 'Time Shift' feature to simulate these conditions.

New feature: Only Show Daily Open - If you only want the daily open levels to be displayed on your charts, this feature will make this an easy task. Just switch this option to “Yes” and it will automatically only show the daily open levels. You don’t even have to activate those first.

Revised feature: Save Object Resources - Now, you can select a specific history size. That means that you can now choose much more precisely how long the history should be. For example: if you don’t have a powerful computer and you want the quickest possible loading time while still being able to see the history, select “Reduce History Length to 100”. That limits the max. size of your history to 100 levels and therefore reduces the resources that are needed to run load the program at a reasonable speed (for example when changing the charts timeframe).

The programs performance was also improved.

All other options and possibilities of customization remain the same.
Version 1.1 2017.05.22
New update regarding the program performance.
The functionality remains the same.