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ATS Hilo

  • The HiLo (High/Low) Expert Advisor applies pending orders. The strategy is based on breakouts of High and Low values;
  • The strategy is quite popular and it is regularly used as a basis for many trading systems. It is always necessary to find fresh solutions, so Hilo features a quite fast algorithm. It is not loaded with unnecessary functions, and it disables and optimizes some functions when switching to test mode. All this allows traders to quickly find profitable settings for the EA;
  • Fast order execution, small ping and five-digit quotes are recommended for Hilo-type strategies;
  • Example of optimization can be found here - https://youtu.be/S9ZK9Ct-9XY



  • Lot - lot value;
  • Magic Number - magic number;
  • M-management (0=fixlot) - dynamic lot (automated money management), 0=fixed lot;
  • Hour set M-management- money management update hour;
  • Speed up optimization - fast optimization mode, should be enabled during optimization, does not affect trading results;
  • Comments to orders - comment;


  • indicator SAR 1 - SAR indicator settings;
  • indicator SAR 2 - more SAR indicator settings;
  • Period indicator SAR 60=H1 - SAR indicator period. Thus, the EA can be tested even on M1. The results in the tester may be different but they remain the same in real trading.
  • To replace the orders ? - whether to replace orders with new ones when levels are updated;
  • (+/-)order step for BUYSTOP - value to be added to the BUYSTOP price;
  • (+/-)order step for SELLSTOP - value to be added to the SELLSTOP price;
  • Stop loss - stop loss;
  • Take profit - take profit;
  • Trailing Stop (Min 1) - distance to trailing stop;
  • Step Trailing (Min 1) - trailing stop step;


  • Hour del orders on Friday(-1=false) - hours to delete pending orders on Friday, orders will not be deleted of set to -1;
  • Min del orders on Friday - minutes to delete pending orders on Friday
  • Day of week 1 - trade on Monday. Setting trading days of the week, the EA will tra if set to true and will not trade if set to false;
  • Day of week 2 - trade on Tuesday;
  • Day of week 3 - trade on Wednesday;
  • Day of week 4 - trade on Thursday;
  • Day of week 5 - trade on Friday;
  • Trading Hours >= - trading time filter in hours, higher than or equal to;
  • Trading Hours <= - trading time filter in hours, less than or equal to;
  • Trading Hours 2 >= - time filter #2 in hours;
  • Trading Hours 2 <= - time filter #2 in hours;
  • Start Hours in Monday <= - trading start hour on Monday;
  • Start Minute in Monday <= - trading start minute on Monday;
  • End Hours in Friday >= - trading end hour on Friday;
  • End Minute in Friday >= - trading end minute on Friday;
  • Max spread - maximum spread;


  • Send notification - sending Push notifications;
  • Test market exe. - whether to check market execution;
  • Lot test - order volume;
  • Point step - order shift;
  • Magic test - magic number for test orders;
  • Point modification - modification amount;
  • Allow - exception settings;


  • Hilo can be quickly optimized allowing you to find efficient settings on any symbol in no time. It all depends on your willingness to find your own settings rather than using the well-known ones;
  • Find trial settings and the video tutorial on the first page of the Comments section;
  • The next versions will feature more functions making the EA more flexible and adding more customization options.
2018.03.21 15:26 

No reply from support....

2018.01.24 03:42 

fake ea, nothing support

2017.12.28 21:16 

ATS Hilo has some nice features like the display of execution-times and the options to change many parameters for personal needs. Unfortunately it did not generate any profit at all, although different ecn-brokers were tested. Therefore, no recommendation from my side.

2017.12.11 15:08 


Danis Khaziakhmetov
2017.11.25 13:11 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Pheeravat Kusonsilp
2017.11.09 10:08 

Stop using this EA until author improve it better.

Brendan Lu
2017.11.08 19:59 

2017/10/11 - Finally got the sets to work properly after extensive discussion with some of the other users in the comments section, and finally got the first profit (woo hoo!). Have updated the rating but the support still SUCKS big times! Stay away if you don't want to put the efforts into learning how to use this EA, but once that has been worked out, it looks to have potential. Will update if there is continued profitability.

2017/09/04 - After another week, I still can't get this EA to work. Every time I update it I need to wait at least a day for it to lay out all the orders, and if you need to adjust something again, you will have to wait another day. The author really needs to fix this!!

Support is still frustrating, the author does not understand English too well and answers PM once a day, so a simple situation will take days to sort out.

2017/08/26 - EA has not opened trades for 2-3 days since purchase (but it should have according to another user's signal), NOT happy with the performance so far.

The support is also very bad, need to wait a few days before the author responds to PM and there are no other information provided. I will update the rating if things change!

Final Update: Given up on the EA, it doesn't work and the author has been disappeared. Stay from from this SCAM!!

Evgeniy Krivoruchko
2017.11.07 11:09 

Жалею, что купил этот советник. На истории показывает красивые результаты, но на реальном рынке минус половина депозита.

2017.11.05 16:47 


Muhammet Simsek
2017.11.02 16:28   


2017.11.02 11:01 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.10.30 22:48 

EA doesn't really work, the autor told me to wait for version 4 ... but nothing yet. Has to wait for version 4 to see if its work, actual version is not profitable.

Andreas Oesterle
2017.10.22 19:34 

Fake EA!!!!

2017.10.21 12:52 

For every successful deal

There are 10 losing trades

Very bad

2017.10.19 10:35 


good ea=)


Good EA but there is no support of the author.

will change my review if the author will answer me.

2017.10.18 01:43 

Finally made it back-test successfully. Just wish the author would respond.

Jakub Kucharczyk
2017.10.16 02:24 

It doesn't work on real ECN account.

2017.10.14 22:34 

Не советую брать

2017.10.14 10:32 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

dan dobrescu
2017.10.12 22:12 


2017.10.12 04:52 

Backtest: Good

Real Account STP: losses

Real Account ECN: losses

Teguh Dwi Aprianto
2017.10.11 16:39 

The real money maker EA..

This is my result..


Set from Mr. Mayamak at comment page..

Gianluca Bonfanti
2017.10.06 11:14 

The EA has got bugs - and no signals are provided from author -

will change my review if things will improve

2017.10.03 00:22 

fake ea

Alwina Rotfus
2017.10.01 12:33 

small profits, big losses...

2017.10.01 11:27 

ЭТО просто ШЛАК!!!

Не понимаю, почему этот советник так популярен, он торгует в минус, брокер icmarkets со спредами 0-0.2п, VPS с пингом 2.7 мс, торговля стабильно в минус. Сеты использовались те что рекомендовал автор.

При этом советник нереально сильно грузит систему, VPS рассчитан на 10 терминалов, и раньше на нем стояло 10, и все работали нормально с советниками, но после установки ATS Hilo система начала жутко лагать, и сейчас тянет максимум 5 терминалов. Очень сильно грузит процессор!!

Это просто бесполезно выкинутые деньги, надеюсь они пойдут автору на пользу и он создаст более годного робота!

Fallet Willy
2017.09.27 08:49 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.09.19 11:13 

Good EA. The author is very supportive.

Alin Stragvic
2017.09.09 09:25 

18.06.17 I bought Hilo. I am new on Forex.

2 weeks I had a loss on a demo account. I asked for help to the author (Gennady) we had 2 times changed the settings specifically for my broker and today I say +85% my salary:)

I want to say much more thanks to the author that he will not leave me, You are very helpful to my family. Thank You very much!


upd#2:I'm still happy! version 3.3 works even better! Keep it up!

Chris Pretorius
2017.09.01 11:57 

This is a really good ea. It's performance for me has been similar to the best breakout EAs on the market. I can highly recommend it.

Update 1.

This ea is performing exceptionally well on XAUUSD. It is now my go to EA for XAUUSD breakouts

Update 2.

With version 3.2 this ea performs even more spectacularly. Well done Gennady. While it is still excellent on XAUUSD, given the current situation, gold has slippage that is deadly to breakouts. So i don't trade this on XAUUSD any more.

2017.08.31 12:21 

Very good EA

2017.07.25 12:17 

Good EA..

2017.06.14 09:51 

Hi everyone, this EA is awesome by its features and its strategy. Gennady is extremely helpful with his product and also taught me how to optimize pairs for ATS Hilo EA. Execellent EA with realistic price compare with others pending order EA. I'm pleased with his service and products and also he is always working hard on this EA to improvise it :)

Gennady keep up the good work and I will recommend it to my traders friends to purchase it. Thank you.

Greeting Singapore


Konstantin Novikov
2017.06.04 17:31 

+5 за создание и развитие эксперта!

Буду рад новым улучшениям!

2017.05.29 13:40 

sehr guter EA, es fehlen noch einige Funktionen aber diese werden noch hinzugefügt

2017.05.27 11:44 

Basktest for promising result and good support

Version 3.3 - 2017.09.06
- Bug fixes
Version 3.2 - 2017.09.01
-Strategy improvement (the Function "Replace the orders ?=true");
-New features added;
Version 2.0 - 2017.06.13
- Time filters
- Automatic lot sizing (money management) - ENABLED BY DEFAULT
- Trading start and end time on Friday and Monday
- Time to delete pending orders in Friday
- Faster optimization