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Sequential R MT5 Version

In today’s market, an objective counter trend technique might be a trader’s most valuable asset.

Most of the traders in the financial market must be familiar with the name "TD Sequential" and "Range Exhaustion". The Sequential R is a Counter-Trend Trading with Simple Range Exhaustion System.

Sequential R is useful to identify trend exhaustion points and keep you one step ahead of the trend-following crowd. The "Sequential R" is designed to recognize profitable counter trend patterns from your chart.

This Sequential R can definitely add high value towards your successful trading. This is the MT5 version of Sequential R in MetaTrader 4.


This indicator does not repaint and never changes signals in the history. For all you can see in the history, the indicator will show exactly the same in real time. The indicator does not wait for the reaction of a new candle but shows the signal (arrow) immediately on the opening of candles. It works on any instrument and any time frame.

Indicator parameters

  • Sequential Count - Default: 9
  • Recommended Sequential Count values: 9 and 13


  • Sequential R contains 2 Signal dots.
  • It works on any instrument and any time frame.

MetaTrader 4 Version


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