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Gartley Projection D

The indicator identifies the harmonic patterns (XABCD) according to developments of H.M.Gartley ("Profits in the Stock Market", 1935г).

It projects D-point as a point in the perspective projection (specify ProjectionD_Mode = true in the settings).

Does not redraw. When a bar of the working timeframe closes, if the identified pattern point has not moved during Patterns_Fractal_Bars bars, an arrow appears on the chart (in the direction of the expected price movement). From this moment on, the arrow permanently remains on the chart.

The total number of patterns is 85 (including Gartley-222 and Gartley-222WS, the full list is available in the Comments section). Only the latest identified pattern is filled with a solid color among all identified patterns.


  • DrawPatterns (true/false) - draw a pattern with a solid color
  • ProjectionD_Mode (true/false) - mode for defining the D-point as a projection in perspective
  • Patterns_Fractal_Bars - the number of the working timeframe bars, during which the latest identified pattern point must remain fixed for it to be considered a formed fractal (an arrow appears on the chart)
  • Patterns_Deviation - allowed percentage deviation from the reference values of side proportions in a pattern (allowed value range)
  • Patterns_XA_MinLength_Bars - the minimum allowed number of bars on the initial segment XA
  • Patterns_XA_MinHeight_Points - the minimum allowed size of the initial segment XA in points
  • ZigZag_Depth - parameter of the ZigZag indicator
  • ZigZag_Deviation - parameter of the ZigZag indicator
  • ZigZag_Backstep - parameter of the ZigZag indicator
  • ShowInfo (true/false) - display the list of identified patterns at the left side of the chart
  • PrintInfo (true/false) - print the information to th log
2018.02.04 04:40 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Peter de Haas
2017.11.12 21:20 

Good indi , Best on 4H TF

Yehor Pozhydaiev
2017.08.07 20:06 

Very professional and useful indicator. So far it's my favorite!

2017.08.01 18:50 

I have to correct the review, this is an amazing indicator, which I recommend to everyone.!!!!

Very good for beginners, and experienced Traders

2017.04.20 16:43 

Awesome Indicator, Great Work!! Truly no repainting arrows plus nice Gartley patterns respecting prices as far as I can see I can't wait to use it long term but short term I've had it already had a couple of winners following longer 1h,4h time frames THANKS!

Version 3.23 - 2017.08.22
Added Alerts (send mail, Push-notification, etc.).