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Trend Finder Multi Pair And Multi Time Frame

This indicator has been created by a former hedge-fund employee and it has been designed to find the strongest trends in the forex market. This indicator analyzes the moving averages for all 28 pairs and across 8 time-frames. And then it ranks each pair according to trend-strength.

Remember: institutional traders use moving averages more than any other indicator.

  • See the screenshots below for further details and contact us if you have any questions. We are always happy to help. =)
  • Please be aware that we have been selling the MT4 version of this indicator for over a year and you can check the reviews/comments here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/12423
  • Also make sure to watch our short video. As it includes the top-10 hedge-fund trading rules, that every trader should know.


  • Displays all the information on one-screen.
  • Monitors all 28 pairs at the same time.
  • Monitors 8 consecutive time-frames, from 5-Min to Monthly.
  • Automatically sorts all pairs, from 'most trending' to 'least trending'.
  • Provides real-time alerts for the strongest trends.
  • You have full control of colors, settings and which pairs to monitor.

Indicator Parameters

  • Use Alerts: True = Yes, False = No
  • Min Alerts Min: Alerts interval (how often to receive an alert on the same pair)
  • S1 - S28: All 28 pairs are listed by default. And you can delete any pair that you don't need.
  • ColorUp: Color to display when price closes over the moving average.
  • ColorDn: Color to display when price closes under the moving average.
  • Grid Color: Select the color for the grid.
  • TxtColor: Select the color for the text in the header.
  • HdrColor: Select the color for the header.
  • SymColor: Select the color for the symbols. (Whichever chart you attach the indicator to, this symbol will automatically be displayed in blue.)
  • Font Size: Select your preferred font size.
  • MA period: Setting for moving average.
  • MA shift: Setting for moving average.
  • MA method: Setting for moving average.
  • Applied price: Setting for moving average.
2017.10.02 00:31 

Perfect support by kindly staff, and excellent indicater, thank you very much.

2017.09.24 15:01 

I rented on the weekend so I have not been able to use yet....Will edit this post when I can....However, customer service is the BEST I have ever experienced!!!!!...Mike is just AWESOME!!! and super helpful....

2017.04.30 19:48 

Trend is your friend! Never trade against it and that´s what this indicator is gonna do for me.

Great tool, great insights from the developers and support staff, thanks a lot, God bless