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Breakout Scanner Multi Pair And Multi Time Frame


This indicator has been created by a former hedge-fund employee.

And it is based on solid, widely followed market principles and dynamics. 

Our company has been selling high quality indicators on this platform for over 3 years. 

And we have had thousands of satisfied clients and hundreds of 5 star reviews

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overall trading perspective and approach:


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As we offer numerous tools, suitable for all the different types of trading styles and approaches. 

Including tools for trend trading, range trading, reversal trading, price action trading, news trading etc.

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We reply to all questions within 24 hours. And depending on the total volume of inquiries that we have,

sometimes we can answer in less than 1 hour. Even on weekends and holidays.   

For fastest service, please send any inquiries through direct message (private message).    =)

Please be aware that we have been selling the MT4 version of this indicator for several years

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Indicator Description 

And How To Use It:

This indicator has been designed to automatically identify high probability breakout patterns.

And it does this by finding very strong, symmetrical pennants and triangles.

Remember: Pennants and triangles are some of the best possible entry areas. As they allow you 

                   to have excellent risk and reward ratios. And this is one of the most important factors 

                   in the institutional trading world. 

See the images below for further details and contact us if you have any questions.

We are always here to help.    =)


  • Can monitor all 28 pairs at the same time.
  • Can monitor every timeframe, from 1 Minute to Monthly.
  • Will automatically trigger an alert whenever the appropriate pattern is identified.
  • Can monitor any symbol that is offered in your Metatrader platform. Including crypto, commodities, indices, equities, ETF's etc. 

This indicator only needs to be placed on one chart and it will simultaneously monitor the entire market, all on one screen.

This will save you an enormous amount of time and effort. As you won't have to flip through dozens of charts for your analysis. 

And you can choose to monitor as few (or as many) pairs as you wish.

Indicator Parameters:

  • Use M1 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use M5 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use M15 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use M30 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use H1 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use H4 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use D1 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use W1 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use MN1 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No

siemsons 2018.05.23 08:42 

Wow, what a great product and the even better customer service !!