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PipTick Close MT5

PipTick Close is a simple script that allows traders to close theirs trades by three methods. Just run the script and choose the close method.

Closing methods

  • Symbol - Allows to close all open trades for certain symbol
  • All_Trades - Allows to close all open trades
  • Magic_Number - Allows to close all open trades according to their magic number


  • AutoTrading functions must be activated. If the AutoTrading function is disabled, script will not work.
  • EA should be stopped. If you are using an Expert Advisor, you should remove it before run the script.

Main features

  • Three closing methods
  • Very simple script
  • Available for MT4 and MT5

Input parameters

  • Close_Mode - Allows to choose between three closing methods
  • Magic_Number - Specific number for magic number closing method

For more information, visit the PipTick Close product page.

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