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The McDuck EA finds the impulse wave A when the MACD (based on the fast and slow moving averages) reaches a certain level and, after the correction to the level 0, opens a position.


  • Fast_SMA_Period - the period of fast Simple Moving Average for MACD;
  • Slow_SMA_Period - the period of slow Simple Moving Average for MACD;
  • A_MACD_Level - the MACD level to find the impulse wave A;
  • Position_Open_Type - type of situation for opening a position;
  • SignalA_Clear_on_Position_Open - clear the signal of the impulse wave A when a position is opened;
  • Position_Start_Open_Hour - time (hour) to start opening positions;
  • Position_Finish_Open_Hour - time (hour) to stop opening positions;
  • Position_AntiRollover - forbid rollover of positions over night or over weekend;
  • Position_SL_Type - type of position's Stop Loss;
  • Position_SL_Pips - the number of pips for fixed Stop Loss;
  • Position_TP_Type - the type of the position's Take Profit;
  • Position_TP_Pips - the number of pips for fixed Take Profit;
  • Position_TP_Fibo - the Fibonacci level for setting position's Take Profit;
  • Position_Trailing_Signal_Type - type of the Fibonacci level beyond the channel, at which trailing stop of the position is activated;
  • Position_Trailing_Close_Type - type of the Fibonacci level within the channel for placing new stop loss (if trailing stop is active);
  • Position_Volume - volume for opening positions;
  • Magic - magic number for orders of the EA;
  • PreLoad_History_Bars - the number of bars for preloading the history when the EA is started;
  • Is_Comment - enable commenting the current situation of the EA on the price chart;
  • Is_Print - enable logging the EA operation to the file.

There are .set files available for: EURUSD M15, GBPUSD M15, USDCAD M15, USDCHF M15. Contact me on Skype: ziabunchyk.

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