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Fast Trade Copier

The trade copier is designed for a fast and accurate copying of orders between the MetaTrader 4 terminals. The trade copier copies trades from the Master account to the Slave account by writing information to the total file, which is located in the common directory of the MetaTrader 4 terminals. This allows the trade copier to either customize various schemes for receiving and transmitting trade signals by changing the file name. Reading and writing the copier file is performed by timer. The trade copier monitors all changes on the Master account with high accuracy, adjusts the stop loss and take profit levels, partial and full closure of orders, modification of pending orders, etc. In short, duplicates all actions on the Master account with high accuracy.

More advanced version of the copier:

MT4: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/45791

MT5: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/45945

The Demo version is available here.

Main features

  • It can both receive and transmit orders;
  • It can work using any schemes for receiving and transmitting trade signals by changing the file name;
  • It can reverse orders. Instead of opening Buy it can open Sell, instead of SellStop it can open BuyLimit, etc;
  • It can monitor the TP and SL levels, partial and full closure, modification and deletion of pending orders, etc;
  • It can monitor the size of the maximum lot, increase, decrease or work with the specified lot for copying;
  • It can monitor the maximum slippage for the most accurate copying;
  • It can fully or partially execute trade orders;

Main Parameters

  • Inp_WorkingMode – operation modes. Master - copy from, Slave - copy to, SlaveReverse - reversely copy to;
  • Inp_ConnectionFile – name of the file to copy trades to/from;
  • Inp_UpdateCheck – time for checking/updating the file, specified in microseconds;
  • Inp_PrefixSymbol – prefix of the symbol the trade copier is attached to (p.EURUSD = p.);
  • Inp_SuffixSymbol – suffix of the symbol the trade copier is attached to (EURUSD.s = .s);
  • Inp_MagicNum – magic number for the Master account, transmits trades with this magic number. If =-1, then sends all trade orders;
  • Inp_MaxSlippage – maximum slippage for the Slave account;
  • Inp_CopyingRatio – volume copy ratio for copying from the Master account. The formula is lot*Inp_CopyingRatio. if =0, then copies using the lot specified in Inp_FixedLot;
  • Inp_MaxLots – the maximum lot for opening a trade on the Slave account;
  • Inp_FixedLot – fixed lot size for opening orders, if Inp_CopyingRatio=0;
  • Inp_AllowedToCopy – allow copying a certain type of the trade orders. Allow copying all, only buy or only sell, etc.

If you have any questions, write them in the EA comments - I will respond as soon as possible.

Ricardo Dacosta
Ricardo Dacosta 2020.02.29 17:05 

This is a great copier. Recently I upgraded to the new upgraded version Vladimir has released and its working perfectly!

Andrey Karachev
Andrey Karachev 2019.05.09 15:06 

Хороший и простой в использовании копировщик.

Александр 2019.03.25 13:50 

Отличный продукт. Копирует все как надо

HEGUI Morad 2019.03.25 11:30 

Very good utility, easy setup, simple and effective.

strugatskj 2017.03.22 11:22   

Отличный продукт. Работает без задержек. Найденные вначале нюансы отладили, пользуюсь и очень доволен. Вообще с качеством кода разработчика давно знаком, покупал у него несколько роботов и делал индивидуальные заказы. Во всех случаях остался очень доволен.

Version 1.1 2017.03.10
Fixed re-opening in the reverse copy mode