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UsdJpy Trend

USDJPY Trend is a trend-following Expert Advisor.

The EA uses ADX (Average Directional Index) signals.

When a buy or sell signal appears, the EA opens a grid of orders in the direction of a trend.

(See the details in the comments)


  • Symbol: USDJPY
  • Timeframe: M30
  • Recommended leverage: 1:100 and higher
  • Minimum deposit: $100
  • Before using on a real account, check it in the strategy tester and optimize the parameters for your broker
  • Set the necessary risk <=0.3 (0.03) (depends on your broker)
  • Minimal volume change step for deal execution 0.01

Settings and inputs


  • Risk - risk (<0.5 - low, >0.5 - high);

Grid parameters:

  • FirstStep - first step from the current price;
  • The number of orders in the grid - number of orders in the grid;
  • Distance (in points) between the orders - distance between orders (in points);
  • K_Lot (multiplication of the Lot) - lot multiplication;
  • Timeout after the closure orders - timeout after orders are closed;
  • Slippage - slippage;

Take profit and stop loss:

  • StopLoss (0-It don't establish SL) - stop loss (in points);
  • TakeProfit (0-It don't establish TP) - take profit (in points);


Trading time for each day:

  • to start - trading start;
  • finish - trading stop;


  • number of last bars - number of the last bars for calculation;
  • MinWave - minimum volatility;
  • MaxWave - maximum volatility;

Trend power according to ADX:

  • Period ADX - indicator period;
  • Min - minimum trend power;
  • Max - maximum trend power;

Global trend direction according to RSI:

  • Timeframe for the global trend - timeframe where the global trend is defined;
  • Period RSI for the global trend - RSI period;
  • Min value for Buy - minimum RSI value for buys;
  • Max value for Buy - maximum RSI value for buys;
  • Min value for Sell - minimum RSI value for sells;
  • Max value for Sell - maximum RSI value for sells;

Distance to the extreme value:

  • Timeframe - timeframe where the extreme value is defined;
  • Distance to the extremum (if less then don't trade!); 0-filtr OFF - distance to an extreme value (if the distance is less than the value, the EA does not trade; 0 - filter disabled);
  • Search for an extremum on the last bars - number of the last bars to search for an extreme value;


  • Push - send a notification to a mobile device before entering the market.
mayamak 2017.08.11 06:31 


Update 10.08.2017

DD=90%, waiting for trend pull back or margin call



Account blows by margin call.

Avoid that type of EAs, all grid systems are always finishing with same result = 0

Yaotang Liu
Yaotang Liu 2017.08.11 05:00 

Update 17.08.11

DD above 90% I closed all position.

As we know it's very risky without stoploss. One fail can blow your account.

the result of backtest seems it can live for long term.

But unfortunately, it does not work in forward.

I think this EA still has its own value if you have set the stoploss for a proper level.

Ronfx00 2017.07.17 19:45 

Hi Traders, it's true I have agreed with Yaotang Liu review.

It will be great if Alexander could provide with more pairs and set too :)

Thanks again.

Greeting Ron.

mikeh3855 2017.06.21 01:38 

For a few weeks have been trading this on 5 pairs, USDJPY m-30, AUDJPY m-30, EURJPY m-30, NXDJPY H-1, and USDCHF H-1. Good results on back tests and also on live trading. The only parameters I optimized with were; First Step, Number of orders in the Grid, Distance between orders, and Take Profit. Time frames used also came through optimization. Very good.

Version 2.5 2018.01.10
~ Fixed the algorithm for determining the global trend based on RSI
Version 2.2 2017.03.02
+ Improved the algorithm for determining the best market entry point
Version 2.1 2016.11.18
+ Moved the additional filters to settings and input parameters