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Professional Trend Indicator

Ti indicator is based on its own oscillator and shows you trend changes.

Indicator includes adjustable Polynomial and MAs channels, Trend lines and Oscillator filter with whom you can adjust the spread of indicator.

You can run many instances, for all time frames at once, is very fast and has a built-in "slider history testing" technology and “Error control”.

Program operates in 2 automatic modes:

1. Slider mode

Turns on when attaching the indicator to the Chart or Visual Tester.

Here you can test/set your settings back in history with “slider” up to 32767 bars.

On Tester (only) you can exit "Slider mode" by pressing the <Esc> key.

2. Expert mode

Turns on when starting the indicator with "iCustom" function.

Please watch “testing” in HD … https://youtu.be/2xBrWVlFaWE

This indicator is designed primarily for professional use and is very useful where precise criteria is required for the most likely outcome.

For programmers

You can include in EAs:

enum ch_type
   POLY  =0,  /*POLY*/
   MA    =1,  /*MA*/
enum ch_mode
   TR_OFF_CH_ON   =0,   /*TR_OFF CH_ON*/
   TR_ON_CH_ON    =1,   /*TR_ON  CH_ON*/
   TR_ON_CH_OFF   =2,   /*TR_ON  CH_OFF*/
enum ch_out
   IN_STOP_1   =1,   /*IN_STOP_1*/
   IN_STOP_2   =2,   /*IN_STOP_2*/
   IN_STOP_3   =3,   /*IN_STOP_3*/
   OUT_STOP_1  =4,   /*OUT_STOP_1*/
   OUT_STOP_2  =5,   /*OUT_STOP_2*/
   OUT_STOP_3  =6,   /*OUT_STOP_3*/

The known command to retrieve output index value is for MQL4:

double Ti=iCustom(NULL,TF_,"Ti",MODE_,TYPE_,TR_,CH_,bars_,EQCH_,AC_,coef_,ex_,MTD_,st_,sm_,vf_,lam_,0,11,0);
if(Ti==1) buyTI_=true;
if(Ti==2) sellTI_=true;
if(Ti==3) {buyTI_=true; sellTI_=true;}


0 = last bar (int) - last bar for calculation

11 = output index (double) - 1=buy,2=sell,3=buy&&sell,4=!buy&&!sell
0 = buffer shift (int) - if you use buffer [11] must always be [0] because of fix output index

All buffers:

0=Upper_Trend, 1=Lower_Trend, 2=Middle_Trend, 3=Middle_Trend_1, 4=Middle_Trend_2, 5=Zig_Zag, 6=Upper_Channel, 7=Lower_Channel, 8=Middle_Channel,

9=Middle_Channel_1, 10=Middle_Channel_2, 11=Indicator_Output

Ti input parameters settings

The order from left to right is: name, [default value], min-max value.

  • Channel_mode [TR_OFF CH_ON] - here you can select desired combination with trend lines
  • Channel_type [POLY] - type of channel (polynomial or moving average)
  • *Trend_logic [OUT_STOP_3] - trend output logic
  • *Channel_logic [IN_STOP_1] - channel output logic
  • Channel_bars [200] 4-6000 - channel bars when Auto_calc=[false]
  • Equidistant [false] - switch on/off Equidistant Channel (true=on/false=off)
  • Auto_calc [true] - switch on/off automatic calculation of channel bars
  • Oscillator_coeff (xOscAVG) [4.0] 0.0-40.0 - oscillator coefficient (x average chart oscillation - 1x OscAVG~1x spread in points)
  • Polynomial_ex [1] 0-10 - polynomial exponent
  • MA_method [T3_Hull] - moving average method (ma method)
  • MA_step [8] 0-100 - ma step
  • MA_smooth [0] 0-100 - ma smoothness
  • MA_v_factor [0.0] 0.0-50.0 - ma volume factor
  • MA_lambda [0.0] 0.0-100.0 - ma lambda
  • LastBar [0] 0-6000 - last bar for calculation (0 is current)
  • PastBars [1000] 100-6000 - bars for calculation in the past (to the left)

*Output Trend/Channel logic description

middle_zone=(Middle_Trend_1/Middle_Channel_1) to (Middle_Trend_2/Middle_Channel_2)

out_zone_1=(Upper_Trend/Upper_Channel) to (Middle_Trend_2/Middle_Channel_2)

out_zone_2=(Lower_Trend/Lower_Channel) to (Middle_Trend_1/Middle_Channel_1)

  • MIDDLE_STOP - above the (Middle_Trend/Middle_Channel) line - SELL, below the (Middle_Trend/Middle_Channel) line - BUY
  • IN_STOP_1,2,3 - in middle_zone STOP trading, above the middle_zone - SELL, below the middle_zone - BUY
  • OUT_STOP_1,2,3 - in out_zone_1 allow BUY and SELL, below the out_zone_1 - BUY in out_zone_2 allow BUY and SELL, above the out_zone_2 - SELL

Additional information

The demo version is built to demonstrate the main features and usability of Ti.

If you like to use Ti unlimited or within an EA you have to buy or rent this product.

Are you satisfied with our work? Share your experiences and leave a comment.

If you need help using our trading tools or you have an issue or question, please contact me.

Best regards!


No reviews
Version 2.7 2017.04.27
1. Correcting Error (If Channel_bars>PastBars).
2. Some details improvements.
Version 2.6 2017.04.06
1. Improvements in Tooltips/Names details
2. Now you can use the "Slider" in "Visual Tester" Mode
- while testing EA, you can run the indicator and easily adjust input parameters for critical points
- <Esc> key to exit "Slider" mode
Version 2.5 2017.02.09
1. Error correction: "Changing timeframes in Indicator Visualization Tab".
Version 2.4 2017.02.02
1. Improvements in output logic
2. Improvements in auto calc