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Trades Manager MT5

The library is dedicated to help manage your trades, calculate lot, trailing, partial close and other functions.

Lot Calculation

  • Mode 0: Fixed Lot.
  • Mode 1: Martingale Lot (1,3,5,8,13) you can use it in different way calculate when loss=1 ,when profit=0.
  • Mode 2: Multiplier Lot (1,2,4,8,16) you can use it in different way calculate when loss=1 ,when profit=0.
  • Mode 3: Plus Lot (1,2,3,4,5) you can use it in different way calculate when loss=1 ,when profit=0.
  • Mode 4: SL/Risk Lot calculate based on stop loss and risk ex balance=1000 -risk =10 -SL=20 then loss is 100$ lot will be 0.50.
  • Mode 5: Based On Balance Lot calculate based 0.01 for each 1000$.

Partial Close

  • close_count: apply partial close X times.
  • close_step: apply partial close each X pips in profit.
  • close_percent: close X% Percentage of the lot size is counted from initial lot size.


  • Mode 0: Previous High/Low Trailing.
  • Mode 1: Break Even.
  • Mode 2: Normal Trailing Mode (Stop/Step).
  • Mode 3: Missing Stop place SL to all order if you miss that.
  • Mode 4: Missing TakeProfit place TP to all order if you miss that.

Other tools

  • CheckSpread: SpreadFilter return true / false.
  • PrintInfo: return simple information as string to use it in comment.
  • CheckTime: Time Filter return true / false with information on chart.
  • CloseAtPerProfit: close all order when x% profit reach.
  • CloseAtProfit: close all order when x$ profit reach.
  • CloseAtPerLoss: close all order when x% loss reach.
  • CloseAtLoss: close all order when x$ loss reach.

All functions allowed you to control, call any symbol not just chart symbol.

All functions design to detect any error while process and retrying until done.


#import "\\Market\\Trades Manager.ex5"
bool CheckTime(string symbol,int TradingTimeStart,int TradingTimeEnd);
string PrintInfo(string symbol);
bool CheckSpread(string symbol,int Maximum_Spread);
void CloseAtProfit(double value,string symbol,int magic=0);
void CloseAtPerProfit(int percentage,string symbol,int magic=0);
void CloseAtPerLoss(double percentage,string symbol,int magic=0);
void CloseAtLoss(double value,string symbol,int magic=0);
double ProfitCheck(string symbol,int magic=0);
double PointCheck(string symbol,int magic=0);
void PClose(string symbol,int type,double price,datetime opentime,double orderlots,double stoploss,double takeprofit,int close_count,int close_step,int close_percent);
void DoTrailingSpec(int Mode,string symbol,int type,double price,double stoploss,double takeprofit,int des=1,int step=1,ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TF=PERIOD_CURRENT);
double GetLotSpec(int Mode,double Lot,string symbol,int magic=0,double Multiplier=2,int CalWhen=1,int sl=0,int risk=0);

Feel free to give your opinion about the tool .... and please inform me of any improvements needed to be done.

Happy Trading (:

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