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Reliable SMA reversal signals. No repainting. Simple settings. Suitable for binary options. Made for maximum traders' convenience.

The indicator performs a complex analysis of a price movement relative to SMA and displays the array which is to be most probably followed by a price impulse and SMA reversal.

Internal sorting mechanisms sort out definitely late, unreliable or inefficient entries.


  • SMA_PERIOD - considered SMA period should be no less than 24, the default is 44
  • SMA_APPLIED - SMA calculation price, default is Medium Price
  • VISUAL_DEMO - enable "trading emulation" and show distances in points between signals, disabled by default

Displaying the indicator

The indicator displays SMA and arrows - detected entry recommendations. The signals are triggered on a bar opening and never redraw.

VISUAL_DEMO mode shows distances between signals points accumulated during emulation. This mode allows you to quickly make settings for a selected symbol and timeframe.


It is recommended to make entries in the direction of an arrow. Set a stop loss somewhat further past an extreme point depending on a volatility.

When trading binary options, I recommend setting the minimum period of 24.

It is worthwhile to check more closely opposite signals at distances multiple of the SMA period.

Since the analysis involves oscillators and a limited history depth is considered, there may be a series of unidirectional signals in case of a long movement with no roll-backs.

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