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Multi TF Stochastic

The indicator displays the charts of the Stochastic Oscillator indicators from the higher timeframes (only the main line is displayed).

A total of three timeframes can be displayed.

Set the value of the required timeframe in the 'Timeframe' variable.

At the value of Timeframe=0 the indicator from the timeframe is not displayed.

The indicator parameters

  • PeriodK - K line period
  • PeriodD - D line period
  • Slowing - slowing
  • Timeframe1 - timeframe
  • Timeframe2 - timeframe
  • Timeframe3 - timeframe

Other indicators of the series:

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Mohammad Soubra 2017.09.16 19:01 


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Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.31 14:40 

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