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Shepherd Harmonic Pattern

  • The indicator detects all harmonic patterns on all time frames and plot them on your chart depending on a complicated algorithm
  • It have the ability to predict the potential reversal zone areas and also the completed AB=CD pattern
  • It is plotted on the chart as rectangles where you can expect the reversal point accurately
  • The entry point is very clear when the reverse starts
  • The most fascinating idea with this indicator is the target points and the stop points. It predicts them, so you can have the maximum safe trade ever with good money management


  • Use_Gartley - To Enable\Disable Gartley Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Gartley_Color
  • Bullish_Gartley_Color
  • Use_Anti_Gartley - To Enable\Disable Anti_Gartley Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Anti_Gartley_Color
  • Bullish_Anti_Gartley_Color
  • Use_Bat - To Enable\Disable Bat Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Bat_Color
  • Bullish_Bat_Color
  • Use_Anti_Bat - To Enable\Disable Anti_Bat Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Anti_Bat_Color
  • Bullish_Anti_Bat_Color
  • Use_Crab - To Enable\Disable Crab Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Crab_Color
  • Bullish_Crab_Color
  • Use_Anti_Crab - To Enable\Disable Anti_Crab Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Anti_Crab_Color
  • Bullish_Anti_Crab_Color
  • Use_Butterfly - To Enable\Disable Butterfly Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Butterfly_Color
  • Bullish_Butterfly_Color
  • Use_Anti_Butterfly - To Enable\Disable Anti_Butterfly Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Anti_Butterfly_Color
  • Bullish_Anti_Butterfly_Color
  • Use_Cypher - To Enable\Disable Cypher Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Cypher_Color
  • Bullish_Cypher_Color
  • Use_Anti_Cypher - To Enable\Disable Anti_Cypher Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Anti_Cypher_Color
  • Bullish_Anti_Cypher_Color
  • Use_NenStar - To Enable\Disable Nenstar Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_NenStar_Color
  • Bullish_NenStar_Color
  • Use_Anti_NenStar - To Enable\Disable Anti_Nenstar Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Anti_NenStar_Color
  • Bullish_Anti_NenStar_Color
  • Use_Shark - To Enable\Disable Shark Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Shark_Color
  • Bullish_Shark_Color
  • Use_Anti_Shark - To Enable\Disable Anti_Shark Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Anti_Shark_Color
  • Bullish_Anti_Shark_Color
  • Use_Alternate_Shark - To Enable\Disable Alternate_Shark Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Alternate_Shark_Color
  • Bullish_Alternate_Shark_Color
  • Use_Anti_Alternate_Shark - To Enable\Disable Anti_Alternate_Shark Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Anti_Alternate_Shark_Color
  • Bullish_Anti_Alternate_Shark_Color
  • Use_Black_Swan - To Enable\Disable Blackswan Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Black_Swan_Color
  • Bullish_Black_Swan_Color
  • Use_White_Swan - To Enable\Disable Whiteswan Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_White_Swan_Color
  • Bullish_White_Swan_Color
  • Use_Dragon - To Enable\Disable Dragon Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_Dragon_Color
  • Bullish_Dragon_Color
  • Use_P_5_0 - To Enable\Disable five_O Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_P_5_0_Color
  • Bullish_P_5_0_Color
  • Use_ABCD - To Enable\Disable AB=CD Patterns On Chart
  • Bearish_ABCD_Color
  • Bullish_ABCD_Color
  • Use_Accuracy_By_AD - Enable\Disable Patterns viewing depending on ad/ax proportion
  • zzDepth - zigzag Depth (most use:12-31-50)
  • zzDev - zigzag Dev
  • zzBack - zigzag Back
  • Objects_ID - Id for objects that are drawn by indicator (if you want to add other indicator by other values of zigzag)
  • FontSize
  • FontColor
  • przColor - potential reversal zone color
  • abcdColor - compliment of ab=cd zone color
  • PRZ_Width - width of potential reversal zone
  • Proportions_View - Enable\Disable Proportions viewing
  • Proportions_Color
  • Show_Targets - Enable\Disable Targets viewing
  • CountBars - Number of last bar that will be calculated
  • UseAlert - Enable\Disable Alert
  • UseNotification - Enable\Disable Push Notifications
  • UseMail - Enable\Disable Mail notifications
  • Use_System_Visuals - Enable\Disable System visuals
  • Use_Panel - Enable\Disable Panel viewing
  • Risk_Percent - is money management factor.


  • Point D will redraw until reverse is started.(when price enter to the entry zone you can enter)
  • You can have many other patterns by add an additional copy of indicator on the same chart. You just should change the depth of zigzag to detect new highs and lows (this indicator uses zigzag to detect highs and lows points.)
2018.02.23 17:40 

بصرحة المؤشر فوق الممتاز بل خيالي في صيد أفضل الفرصة ويعطيك مصداقية وأكثر ثقة في اتخاذ القرار للدخول في الصفقة بقلب قوي

Ahmed Tawfik
2017.07.26 13:04 

this is very Unique Indicator that I really happy with , the creator of this Indicator is a creative and helpful person

he is already running a group that help his customer to hunt real and profitable opportunities , such indicator is what i have been looking for a very long time , Plus the support provided and help from the owner and other users that already purchased this product

Stefano Leale
2017.07.07 12:46 

It's been a long time since I was looking for an indicator like this, clearly well done. The author is really capable of explaining its operation and also giving clarification about the matter of harmonic patterns. You see that the author besides doing it for work also does it for passion. For several years I have been working on forex and I can honestly say that such precise indicators and such legitimate authors count on the fingers of a hand. I really recommend it!

Bradley Bosworth
2017.06.15 06:17 

Still trying to figure the ins and outs of this system, but overall I like it :) Takes some getting used to the redrawing of the patterns. But with entry zones it makes it easier!

Talal Mansour
2017.05.31 23:42 

Very will Indicators i recomand it 5 star

2017.05.02 15:49 

Well .. thank u so much for such a remarkable indicator,its obvious that u did a great effort to reach this level of accuracy.

Cant wait for ur next one .. i hope there is more :)

2017.05.02 00:43 

v goood

2017.04.30 01:32 

Very good indicator to finding Harmonic Pattern with accurate entry zone .

Mohammed Saleh
2017.04.29 20:14 

شي خياااااااااااال ,,,, يا سلام

2017.04.29 18:26 

والله بترفع الراس يا اخي مؤشر ماشاء الله عليه ابداااااااع شكرا لك ...اختك رتاج الجزائرية

2017.04.29 16:16 

ما شاء الله عليك اخوي

مؤشر قوي وجبار

موفق وانصح الجميع بشراء المؤشر

شكرا لك

Meshari alsafi Safi
2017.04.18 14:33 

والله يا جماعة الموشر متعوب عليه جدا وقيمته لا تعادل قوة واداء الموشر

انصح بالشراء يكفي يرسم لك الهارمونيك النمادج العكسية والاراتدادات

واشكر صاحبه على التواصل والشرح واعطاء الفرص المتاحة

2016.12.11 10:35 

Hello Abdullah, I give 5stars because of the people below and what I have see in the past detected patterns.

I miss something in this indicator, which is very important to know. I can not sit the whole day, in front of the monitor. MT4 sends me the EMAILs, but only the time of the signal! No profit targets, and where to put the SL. Would it be possible to ad those features?

Hope you can.

Thank you

2016.11.12 14:08 

perfect indicator that works perfectly and very very helpfull guy.. what do you want more ??

2016.10.01 06:49 

very helpful guy!

2016.09.27 01:44 

pretty good

unlike me , if u are patient enough to wait strong signal confirmations, u'll be victorious with this......i guess

---EDITED from 19th Sept---

after put aside my rooted scalper mentality, i add more stars for this :D

2016.07.27 19:26 

A very profitable indicator with a simple interface and accurate patterns.

2016.07.27 01:07 

يسلم ايديك فعلا مؤشر غني عن التعريف و 100/100 يعني بصراحة نماذج الهارمونيك من أصعب التداولات التوافقية بس عن طريق هالمؤشر يمكن كشف كل النماذج وبسهولة كبيرة

فعلا تستاهل خمس نجوم على هالابداع

Imadov Eden Park
2016.06.19 02:56 

Nice indicator 100/100

Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
2016.05.28 16:09 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 8.9 - 2017.05.11
*Bug Fix change time frame error.
Version 8.8 - 2017.04.28

1 - Add new pattern 123 drives.
2 - Improve alert system
3 - Improve patterns drawing.
4 - Targets will appear only when pattern complete.
5 - Bug fixes.
Version 8.7 - 2016.07.14
* Bug Fix error.
Version 8.6 - 2016.07.06
1. update panel now it will show you more info .
2. improved money management system that will be shown on panel .
3. added divergence on RSI arrows with panel notify.(Because of many harmonic traders using it).
4. added last detected pattern notify on panel .
5. more accuracy to view patterns.
6. Edited potential reversal zone areas (prz) and added entry zone this is the strongest one and from it price is hard to reverse.