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Market Profile Volume Relative Accumulation

The indicator displays the conditional price tick volumes (levels) accumulated over a given time interval. By default, the data of the M1 chart is used for more accurate calculation. The step of price volume distribution can be adjusted. By default, the right border of display is set to the bar corresponding to the beginning of the data used for analysis, but it can be set to the required bar, if necessary. The length of the displayed price bands (right border) can also be adjusted by the length ratio, and can also be shifted to the left or right up to the 0 (current) bar.


  • Accumulation period - period of calculation of volume accumulation
  • Accumulation price step - step of volume summation by price parameters
  • Graph length multiplier - length ratio of the displayed data
  • Use data from timeframe - the chart (timeframe) used for the analysis
  • Graph show shift - the shift to start the data display, if left as 0, then the data will be shown starting from the bar corresponding to the start time of the period of the analyzed data
  • Graph color - color of the indicator bands
  • Rectangle lines style - the border line style of the rectangles used for data display
  • Rectangle fill - filling mode (also the sign of data being behind the chart)
  • Add object description - add the data on the price levels and volume values to the "description" of the rectangles
kurama1 2018.10.18 11:00 

самый дибильный индикатор для обьёмов.зря нет графы возврата денег.

Makar Anoshin
Makar Anoshin 2018.02.28 16:46 

Очень удобный в использовании индикатор.

Version 1.2 2017.04.03
Added two modes to start displaying the data:
"-1" - display on the left
"-2" - display on the left with an offset
Version 1.1 2016.03.08
Added the function for calculating the residue of division of two numbers to ensure the indicator's correct operation.