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Universal Forex

This versatile Expert Advisor trades almost any symbol and is not afraid of large spreads.

Moving Average and CCI indicators are used to open the first position.

When a specified profit is reached, the position is closed.

If a trading position is at a loss, the EA averages it opening another one by CCI signal and increasing position lot by MULTIPLIER_LOT.

While trading, some profitable and loss-making positions are closed with a total positive outcome, thus decreasing the load on the deposit till all positions are closed.

Alternative uses are also available:

  • Semi-automatic EA: if A_NEW_CYCLE=NO and MAGIC_NUMBER=0, open positions are tracked, and the EA attempts to close all positions with profit.
  • It can also work with positions opened by other EAs. MAGIC_NUMBER should be equal to this position, while the EA should be placed to the symbol chart matching the order. The EA can track positions opened in different directions with a single magic number.

All screenshots show test results without optimizations for the specific symbol on М5.

The amount of settings is minimized to improve usability.


  • DYNAMIC_PROFIT- minimum total profit.
  • THE_LOSS_IN_THE_CURRENCY - total loss.
  • MONEY_MANAGEMENT - use dynamic lot.
  • MAXIMUM_RISK - lot of the first position, percentage of the deposit if MONEY_MANAGEMENT=YES.
  • ORIGINAL_LOT - lot to open the first position if MONEY_MANAGEMENT=NO.
  • MULTIPLIER_LOT - averaging position lot multiplier.
  • MAGIC_NUMBER - positions' magic number.
  • THE_TIME_PERIOD_INDICATORS - time period of Moving Average and CCI indicators.
  • A_NEW_CYCLE - if YES, the cycle starts again after all positions are closed; if NO, the cycle is not renewed after all positions are closed.
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Version 1.10 2016.03.16
The REMOVE_OBJECTS_OF_TRADE variable has been added to parameters. It deletes from a chart graphical objects added during testing to speed up testing on history. The objects can be preserved to analyze EA trading.

The default timeframe of indicators has been changed from M5 to M1.

The default value of MONEY_MANAGEMENT has been changed from NO to YES.

The EA algorithm has been modified for more stable operation.