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HeikenB (successor to Heiken) is a professional Expert Advisor that partially follows the market using i-Heiken_Ashi indicator (see the screenshot). At each signal of the i-Heiken_Ashi indicator, a position is opened in the direction of the signal. Each newly opened position is automatically accompanied by a stop loss, break even, trailing stop and take profit.

In order to diversify the funds efficiently, it is recommended using the multi-currency operation mode, at which multiple currencies are selected, while the risk is reduced multiple times. The EA correctly processes errors and works reliably in the market. You can setup both an audio signal and, for instance, sending a signal as an email or mobile device. The signal indicator does not redraw. I recommend testing this EA with a broker providing five-digit quotes, or even better on the MetaQuotes-Demo server (access.metatrader5.com:443).


The EA uses netting system of position accounting (one symbol can have only one position). The EA does not work with independent position accounting (hedging, when there can be multiple positions per symbol). Account without hedging should be selected for testing on a demo account. Also, consider this fact when opening an account for live trading.


  • PeriodWork - the period, on which the EA operates.
  • Risk - risk value, at which the market entry is performed (loss value compared with the overall deposit in percentage). The lot is defined relative to the stop loss and allowable losses when stop loss is reached.
  • LotRounding - lot rounding (up to decimal places).
  • Deviation - requotes.
  • Sleeps - waiting for position being opened, closed or modified.
  • Withdraw - virtual profit withdrawal (in percentage), 0 - disabled.
  • ShowIndicators - display the indicator.
  • StopLoss - stop loss.
  • TakeProfit - take profit.
  • PeriodTrailing - the trailing stop period.
  • TrailingBreakeven - breakeven level. 0 - disabled.
  • TrailingStart - trailing start level. 0 - disabled.
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop level. 0 - disabled.
  • PeriodTrailingStep - trailing stop period.
  • Prohibit new series - if you need to close the current position and stop opening new ones, enable this option.
  • WorkOpenLong - allow opening a long position.
  • WorkOpenShort - allow opening a short position.
  • WorkCloseLong - allow closing a long position.
  • WorkCloseShort - allow closing a short position.
  • Inversion - input signal inversion.
  • SignalBar - bar, from which the indicator tracking starts (1 - the first fully formed bar).
  • LimitCountLots - limit on the number of orders.
  • OnHeiken1 - enable/disable the indicator.
  • OpenHeiken1 - indicator impact on the resulting signal for opening.
  • CloseHeiken1 - indicator impact on the resulting signal for closing.
  • InversionHeiken1 - indicator inversion.
  • PeriodHeiken1 - period of the indicator.
  • OnHeiken2 - enable/disable the indicator.
  • OpenHeiken2 - indicator impact on the resulting signal for opening.
  • CloseHeiken2 - indicator impact on the resulting signal for closing.
  • InversionHeiken2 - indicator inversion.
  • PeriodHeiken2 - timeframe of the indicator.
  • OnMA1 - enable/disable the indicator.
  • OpenMA1 - indicator impact on the resulting signal for opening.
  • CloseMA1 - indicator impact on the resulting signal for closing.
  • InversionMA1 - MA1 indicator inversion.
  • PeriodMA1 - timeframe of the indicator.
  • AppliedPrice1 - applied price of the indicator.
  • LengthMA1 - number of bars.
  • MethodMA1 - calculation method.
  • AppliedPriceMA1 - applying to price.
  • ShiftMA1 - shift.
  • OnMA2 - enable/disable the indicator.
  • OpenMA2 - indicator impact on the resulting signal for opening.
  • CloseMA2 - indicator impact on the resulting signal for closing.
  • InversionMA2 - indicator inversion.
  • PeriodMA2 - timeframe of the indicator.
  • AppliedPrice2 - applied price of the indicator.
  • LengthMA2 - number of bars.
  • MethodMA2 - calculation method.
  • AppliedPriceMA2 - applying to price.
  • ShiftMA2 - shift.
  • alert - audio signal.
  • push - notification for mobile terminals.
  • email - send a signal status via email.
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Version 2.30 - 2016.06.30
Due to the changes in the terminal, here is the new version of the expert, which takes all the changes into account. Added check of the account type, for correct operation. Only works on netting accounts (one symbol can have only one position).
Version 2.12 - 2016.05.20
Some minor fixes.