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Object Synchronizer

Object Synchronizer: Better focus/analysis of the price chart in many time frames.

Are you bored to save and load template many times for the same symbol for many chart time frames? Here is the alternative. With this indicator, you enjoy creating objects across many charts, you can modify the same object in any chart, you can delete the same object in any chart. All objects that you created/modified always are synchronized across all chart windows (with same symbol). Save your time, you can focus better on what you are looking for in many time frames.

Supported objects: Horizontal line, Trendline, Rectangle, Fibonacci retracement, Arrows, Equidistant channel, Triangle and Andrews Pitchfork lines

Advantages. [tracking and synchronizing objects across all charts with the same symbol]

  1. Easy to use. Just attach this indicator to your chart, with customized values and save as a template. Load all charts with the template. Now, it's very easy to create new objects/modify objects from any chart time frame.
  2. Save your time
  3. Help you better focus on price action trade in many time frames.
  4. Clear information for each object.

Indicator parameters [for default settings]

Settings | Rectangle - Settings for default rectangle object

  • Use pre-settings - Use the presetting of rectangle or not
  • Rectangle color - Default rectangle when drawing new rectangle object
  • Rectangle color - Default rectangle when drawing new rectangle object
  • Show price - Show price info for rectangle
  • Price color - Price info text color
  • Object description text color - when you put description for option
  • Object description text alignment - Align text location

Settings | Trendline - Settings for default trendline object

  • Show vertical line - Indicator will auto-create vertical line or not
  • How to draw normal trend line - 1. how to create normal trendline
  • How to draw trendline as S/D,SR - 2. Use trendline to create S/D,S/R line
  • Auto-distal line for S/D - Auto create "distal line" for S/D S/R mode
  • Supply Distal line color - line color
  • Demand distal line color - line color

Settings | Horizontal lines - Settings for horizontal line object

  • Show vertical - Indicator will auto-create vertical line or not
  • Resistance line color:MN-M1 - Define line color for horizontal line color
  • Support line color: MN-M1 - Define line color for horizontal line color
  • Price information for horizontal/trendline line -- Show price/pips for the horizontal/trendline
  • Price information: show - show price/pips for the objects
  • Price information: font size - define font size
  • Price information: Color - define object color
  • Price information: Auto-hide - Auto-hide/show when dragging/dropping objects

Settings | Chart group: color - Settings for chart group (Make sure you use the same color)

  • Chart group: NONE - not define chart group
  • Chart group: 1 - define color for the group 1
  • Chart group: 2 - define color for the group 2
  • Chart group: 3 - define color for the group 3
  • Chart group: 4 - define color for the group 4
  • Chart group: 5 - define color for the group 5
  • Chart group: 6 - define color for the group 6

Settings: Chart window linking: color code - Settings for linking chart windows

  • Window linking: NONE - No link for the groupped windows
  • Window linking: Symbol - Symbol link for the groupped windows
  • Window linking: Timeframe - Timeframe link for the groupped windows

Settings: Object with mouse move event - Settings object interaction with mouse event

  • Object with mouse move: Enabled - button color for enabled when you click the button
  • Object with mouse move: Disabled - button color for disabled when you click the button
Hon Chau
2017.10.17 17:43 

This utility save me lots of time when doing MTF analysis. I am very happy with this, though some improvements still can be made.

2017.10.12 15:17 

Hello Mr. Suthichai,

When I am using your indicator: Object Synchronizer.

I found out that when you place the indicator on the H4 and W1 chart.

And you set both Charts (H4 & W1) to the same group and then draw a Trendline on the H4 chart it does NOT SYNCHRONIZE this Trendline to the W1 chart.

This is obviously a bug in this Indicator.

Can you fix this PLEASE. Otherwise I paid 20 USD for Nothing! And that would be a shame.

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,

Paul Demandt

2017.08.05 04:03 

Had hopes for this but it turned out to be a waste of money. It doesn't even work

2016.12.19 06:25 

Unable to change trendline width and color. Settings don't save between sessions. Global parameters don't save. Doesn't synch when drawing in lower time frame H4 to higher W1/M1

Version 2.2 - 2017.10.17
Fixed: Object visualization (in the settings: Object Visualization)
Fixed: Price/Timeframe for object information
Version 2.1 - 2017.06.22
What's new in 2.1.

1. Add hotkeys for fast management of objects and window grouping
1.1 C = To clear all objects
1.2 H = To hide and show buttons (at the bottom of chart)
1.3 S = Synchronizing X/Y to time/price for horizontal line and trendline
1.4 Z = To change modes of drawing rectangle object as Price Action Zone or Supply/Demand Zone
1.5 A = To open the additional chart with the same setting
2. Performance and object sync fix
3. Add information for horizontal line/trendline object, Rectangle (price, time, pip counter and alignment)
4. Better organization for all settings
Version 2.0 - 2017.05.18
What new.

1. Chart groups : 6 groups available
2. Better/faster sync and management of objects among grouped charts
3. Sync crosshair with trendline and horizontal line objects
4. Chart window linking mode: symbol or timeframe
5. Easy to use. just attach indicator, select chart group for each chart