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Pending provider

The script greatly simplifies trader's work with pending stop orders (BuyStop, SellStop).

The script places any number of pending orders at a user-defined distance (in points).

Order expiration time in seconds can also be specified.

It is also possible to place only Buy Stop or only Sell Stop orders.

All stop orders are accompanied by user-defined take profit and stop loss levels. Volume is customizable as well.


  • Open BuyStop - place a pending Buy order
  • Open SellStop - place a pending Sell order
  • Distance first stop order - distance (in points) between the first pending order and the current price
  • Distance between stop orders - distance (in points) between pending orders
  • Number of pending orders - number of pending orders
  • Volume of pending orders - pending order volume
  • Takeprofit - pending order take profit
  • Stoploss - pending order stop loss
  • Time of remove orders (in seconds) - order expiration time in seconds (minimum 700 seconds)
  • Attempts to open - number of attempts to open orders
  • Magic - unique number of an order
  • Order comment - order comment
1q2w3ezx 2018.01.21 08:33 

Works great....saves time.

Amos Eka Kurniawan
Amos Eka Kurniawan 2016.10.04 15:56 

Andrey, great works !!

thank you

Denis Leontjev
Denis Leontjev 2016.07.15 20:48 

Отличный помощник. Спасибо

Hank Gerritse
Hank Gerritse 2016.04.15 20:44 

Hello Andrey,

Your EA works fine, Thanks

Version 1.2 2016.08.15
Due to detected errors, the possibility to set time to delete orders has been removed.
Version 1.1 2016.03.02
Improved the program code. Now, the script sets the order deletion time in minutes, rather than seconds as before, which took too much time.