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CCI plus

CCIplus is a modification of the commodity channel index with smoothing, pivot point indication and analysis mode selection.


The CCIplus has the following settings:

  • Smoothing
  • Market entry and exit point indication
  • Point determination selection mode
  • Usability settings

Indicator operation

It is optimal to use M5-M30.

Testing and refining signals from M1-M5.

A corresponding message is displayed when entering incorrect data. The settings are corrected automatically.


  • CCIperiod - standard CCI calculation period setting.
  • P_mode - selection of pivot point determination mode.
    • NONE - normal CCI mode with no additional settings considered.
    • SIMPLE - indication of points when the CCI exceeds the oversold/overbought levels.
    • CROSS - indication of points when the CCI crosses the moving in the oversold/overbought zone.
    • FAST_LVL - indication of points when the CCI exceeds the oversold/overbought zones, with the moving in the zone and directed towards the intersection.
    • SLOW_LVL - indication of points when the moving crosses the oversold/overbought levels.
    • PIVOT_CCI - indication of points during a CCI pivot, with the moving in the oversold/overbought zone.
    • PIVOT_SMA - indication of points during a moving pivot in the oversold/overbought zone.
  • SMAperiod - smoothing period of the normal CCI. At values less than 2 a message is displayed, and the value is set to 2.
  • ShowAlert - enable/disable sound and visual notification when a point appears.
  • HideCCI - enable/disable display of the normal CCI line. At the value true - in the NONE and SIMPLE modes the indicator line is invisible, a notification is displayed.

Integration in the code

Indices of lines and arrows:

0 - CCI (CCI)
1 - moving CCI (CCI+SMA)
2 - red down arrow (SELL), value = 117
3 - green up arrow (BUY), value = -117


It is not recommended to use a call with the line index 0 in the code. This is equivalent to the iCCI function call.

double x = iCustom(smb,tf,name,cp,pm,sp,sa,hc,li,i);

  • string smb - symbol name (NULL - current symbol)
  • int tf - timeframe (0 - current timeframe)
  • str name - name of the indicator file ("CCI+" initial file name)
  • int cp - CCI period (default = 14)
  • int pm - analysis mode (default = 2. 0=NONE, 1=SIMPLE, 2=CROSS, 3=FAST_LVL, 4=SLOW_LWL, 5=PIVOT_CCI, 6=PIVOT_SMA)
  • int sp - smoothing period (default = 6)
  • bool sa - display notifications when a point appears (displayed by default, TRUE)
  • bool hc - hide the normal CCI line (not hidden by default, FALSE )
  • int li -indicator line index (0 - CCI, 1 - SMA, 2 - SELL, 3 - BUY)
  • int s - offset by bars (0 = current bar, 1 = previous etc.)

An example of using:

double x = iCustom(NULL,0,"CCI+",14,2,6,true,false,2,0);

The variable x receives the value from the current symbol, current timeframe, from the CCI+ indicator, with the CCI calculation period 14, in the CROSS analysis mode, outputting point notifications, with a visible normal CCI line, from the index of a smoothed line, from the current bar.

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2016.08.30 17:34 

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Aleksey Semenov
2016.06.19 22:19 

скачал потому что нужен был сглаженный CCI

vahid jannati
2016.03.03 19:47 

CCI is essential for traders chart and can be combination with other indicator to portfolio strategy.

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2016.01.18 02:19 

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