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The indicator looks for flat zones, where the price remained within a certain range for quite a long time.


  • History - history for calculation/display in bars
  • FlatBars - flat area width in bars
  • FlatRange - flat area height in pips
  • IncludeSmallBar - calculate using internal flat bars
  • CalcFlatType - calculate flat zones by (HIGH_LOW/OPEN_CLOSE)
  • DistanceForCheck - distance (in pips) from the flat level, at which the check is enabled
  • CountSignals - amount of signals per level
  • AutoCalcRange - height auto calculation (auto calculate a flat zone height)
  • AutoCalcPeriod - height auto calculation period in bars
  • ShowFillBars - fill bars (on/off)

Notification Settings

  • ShowSignalLevel - display the levels, at which the signal appeared
  • UseAlert - use audio alert (on/off)
  • SoundFileName - .wav file: (file name in the \Sounds\ terminal folder)

Level Display Settings

  • ShowLevels - display flat levels (on/off)
  • HowManyLevels - amount of the last zones: flat zones used to build the levels
  • FillLevel - fill the level (on/off)
  • ColorBuyLevel - buy level color
  • ColorSellLevel - sell level color
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