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The SyntheticPair indicator can be used for creating the following charts:

  • price of a portfolio of instruments;
  • price difference between symbols;
  • "inverted" symbol chart, and so on.

It can work with up to 6 instruments. It can show a chart of close prices of the synthetic instrument based on historical data. It can draw a real-time candlestick chart of the synthetic instrument prices. If necessary, the chart of every instrument can be "inverted".

The following formula is used for calculating synthetic instrument prices:

Synthetic Instrument = mass ratio of the symbol1 * "Ыньищд1" + ... + mass ratio of the symbol6 * "Symbol6".

Indicator parameters:

  • Symb1 = "EURUSD"; the name of symbol 1
  • CorUSDSymb1 = false; - reverting the price chart of the symbol 1
  • kSymb1 = 1; - mass ratio of symbol 1

The screenshot features an "inverted" chart of EURUSD.

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