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This is a uniques expert system suitable both for novice and experienced traders. Test it as you like: every ticks, breakpoints, open prices. The potential BACKTESTING result is 100% on average over 1 year with one currency pair. Requires optimization (described below) with 1 optimization year and one month of operation. I recommend using multiple currencies. Find a balanced combination, and you can have very good results of potential tests. The EA works on any currency pair, optimization is fast. One of the attached screenshots features operation results for 11 months. It included 1-year operation and 1-month forward period. This cycle was repeated 11 types for each of the mentioned currencies. It is a very good version for a multi-currency mode. The system has been checked and is ready to use. You only need to choose a broker, select a package of currency pairs, optimize and start working. If you use 10 instruments, you need to calculate the deposit. Results are better and the drawdown is lower in the multicurrency mode. The recommended deposit amount of $1,000; for multicurrency use with 10 currency pairs $5000 is recommended. The algorithm implements a hybrid technology, which partially includes the following principles:

  • trend;
  • market velocity;
  • market volatility;
  • take profit, stop loss, trailing stop, trailing start, breakeven levels;
  • adjustment of stops depending on the volatility (the virtual box).

Key Advantage

The EA is designed for profit forecasting on a forward period. It is based on the trend indicator Parabolic SAR. The robot follows the trend just like the Parabolic. Server latency is not critical for the EA, it can be used with almost any broker. The EA works on H1. That is why it can be optimized with M1 prices using Open prices to achieve reasonable operation speed. For precision lovers, every tick optimization is also possible, but it takes much more time with an eventually similar result. Parameters should be adjusted for each separate currency pair. For optimization use the file available on the Comments page.

Use the Expert Advisor as follows.

Perform one-year optimization using search for extremums "Balance + max Recovery Factor" and sort the optimization table by results. You will have a resulting sample with an optimal profit, minimum drawdown and very good mathematical evaluation values (choose the best result among the sorted values. The main advantage is a positive future forecast. That is the highest degree of prediction.


  • The period in which the indicator set - timeframe to run the indicator
  • Limiting the maximum lot - maximum allowable lot
  • Restrictions maximum orders - maximum number of orders
  • Lets open warrant the trend - opening an order in the trend direction.
  • Number of points for the analysis of the flat
  • Reverse (entrance to flat)
  • SARStep - Parabolic parameter.
  • SARMaximum - Parabolic parameter.
  • SARPatterns_16 - a combination of rules for the parabolic based entry.


  • Type of performance for the balance
  • Period to test new signal - EA operation timeframe (to carry the repeated analysis).
  • The ban on opening new positions - opening a new position is not allowed, but the currently open position will be maintained till closure.

Risk Settings:

  • Round lots [0 = 0.01, 1 - 0.1, 2 - 1.0].
  • The method of calculating the lot
  • The risk - risk is defined by the previous item.
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