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Heartbeat is a simple yet efficient indicator offering a complete new way to analyze the buy/sell pressure of the market.

Every tick is a closed deal which has an effect to the underlying trading symbol.

Heartbeat counts all of these ticks and analyzes their effect on the market.

With this information, you are able to identify the current stage of the market at a glance.


  • Sideways market: If the neutral volume (yellow) is bigger than buy and sell volume
  • Uptrend market: If the buy volume (green) is bigger than the neutral and sell volume
  • Downtrend market: If the sell volume (red) is bigger than the neutral and buy volume

Use this important information as a trigger to enter and exit your trading positions.

It is suitable for scalping, breakout and trend trading systems.


Heartbeat counts every tick, detects if the price has been changed and records it for you.

  • Neutral Volume: Volume rises with an unchanged price
  • Buy Volume: Volume rises with a new higher price
  • Sell Volume: Volume rises with a new lower price

Compare broker data feeds to detect differences between the brokers and their live and demo environments.


  • Runs on all kinds of trading symbols like Forex, shares, commodities, bonds, etc.
  • Runs on all kinds of offline charts like Renko and range bar charts
  • Optimized performance during fast price changes
  • Customizable display configuration
  • Accessible buffers for EA developers


  • Display Neutral Volume Histogram: true (default)/false
  • Select Color of Neutral Volume Histogram: Gold (default)
  • Display Buy Volume Histogram: true (default)/false
  • Select Color of Buy Volume Histogram: ForestGreen (default)
  • Display Sell Volume Histogram: true (default)/false
  • Select Color of Sell Volume Histogram: Crimson (default)

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Aravind 2017.03.25 10:22 

Works fine. The display or presentation of signals could have been much better as of now it is not that much useful.

fishlake 2017.01.10 09:18 

I have purchased the Full Suite of Daniels Indicators and I am over the moon with the results. Daniel's support is perfect. He responds almost immediately even on Sunday's and provides exactly the support that I needed. Unlike many developers it is clear from Daniels approach that he is a passionate trader himself which makes all the difference as he can clearly appreciate our frustrations and problems and this is clearly reflected in his professionalism and understanding

Jamesdelz 2016.10.17 07:11 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Zentrader2015 2016.08.15 08:42 

just started renting this indicator and first night tonight its been super useful so far identifying buyer/seller volume iin candles, so far really like it and along with the power fx and trend fx and lighthouse, solid strat

Version 1.2 - 2016.11.15
Minor bug fixed
Version 1.1 - 2016.07.01
Added real time recorded histogram