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TrustyTrader is a professional indicator based on a proprietary algorithm that suitably combines and filters moving averages to detect profitable trends. Through a deep statistical analysis and a built-in optimizer, it provides reliable alert signals to enter the market, along with solid indications on optimal Stop-Loss (SL) and Take-Profit (TP) levels.

  • The indicator is never either repainted/backpainted or recalculated and signals are strictly on the "Close of the bar" (try the free DEMO or see this video).
  • It is not a martingale, nor a grid, nor a scalping system.
  • Best results are obtained on timeframes longer than M15 (on any asset).
  • A statistical analysis is performed on historical data (backtesting) to test the validity of the SL and TP levels and of the recognized trends. Each time it starts to run, the indicator automatically adjusts the internal filter parameters (optimization) so as to reduce false signals and give a high profit trades fraction (accuracy).

Remember that backtesting cannot guarantee profits in the future! It must be considered nothing more than a statistical prediction.

Please, never use this indicator blindly. Always use it in conjunction with other tools/indicators and with a careful risk management strategy.

Remember that you are solely responsible of any loss arising from the use of this product (see rule VI ).

All on-chart info prices are in points

Most Relevant Parameters

  • Max_History_Days: the backtesting duration (days). This parameter determines the sample size for statistics, needed to find the best filtering level and to estimate accuracy. It should be long enough to "capture" the most relevant features of the asset price behavior, while sufficiently short to exclude too "outdated" features. For instance, in D1 and H4 it could be around 100-300 days, while from M30 to H1 it should be 7-30 days.

  • Period: in general, the longer the period, the fewer the signals, the longer the trends, the larger the optimal TP/SL ratio.

  • Working_Mode: in the TREND_STATISTICS mode the indicator displays and analyses the detected trends. The drawn trend lines are only intended to represent the beginning (marked with an arrow) and the end of the trend. For each trend, the best profit and the preceding worst loss (i.e. the maximal drawdown up to the best profit time) are indicated. If the best profit is positive the trend is considered as profitable.

    Relevant statistical information on the recognized trends are given on the chart with the main purpose of guiding the trader to choose the optimal SL and TP levels (or of supporting any other trade management method he/she wants to use to enter the market).

    In the TRADES_EXECUTION mode, the indicator displays backtesting statistics on trades as they were executed at each trend beginning (just after the close of each bar with the arrows upon) with the given SL and TP levels.

  • Display_More_Statistics: show/hide further statistics.

  • Take_Profit: TP level (points).

  • Stop_Loss: SL level (points).

The last two ones are effective in TRADES_EXECUTION mode only. An alert is notified (on-screen, by email, or push-notification) when a new bar closes and a new trend begins (a new arrow appears).

No exit signals are provided.

Basic Strategy

  1. Choose the Period and select TREND_STATISTICS as Working_Mode. If the accuracy is lower than 95%, change period, or timeframe, or asset.
  2. Set TP and SL equal to the 15th and 85th percentile corresponding values reported on the chart.
  3. Set TRADES_EXECUTION mode; if the trades backtesting accuracy does not satisfy your risk management criteria, try other TP and SL (e.g., try to slightly and gradually decrease TP and increase SP).
  4. Wait for signals!

The 15th percentile TP is equal to the trend best profit that is higher than the 15% of all the others, while the 85th percentile SL is the drawdown that is higher than the 85% of the others.

The Lowest Profit and the Highest Drawdown are equal to the 0th percentile TP and 100th percentile SL, respectively.

Remember that the TP should be higher than current spread!

Tip: the full list of best profits and maximal drawdown can be examined in the "Objects List" window of the chart.

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