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PFG MAV MultiTimeFrame

This indicator is an assistant in having a glance at the overall situation of one or more crossings of averages - simple, exponential, linear-weighted or smoothed. You must configure two periods of the average, and a method and eventually all timeframes in which you want to see them.


  • Periods: The periods of the two means (15, 20 or 100, 200 or 300, 500)
  • Method: (0=Simple, 1=Exponential, 2=Smoothed, 3=Linear-weighted)
  • TimeFrames: Timeframes on which you want to see the situation of crossing (it is recommended to set high to low, e.g. 1440, 60, 30, 5)
  • Xposition: Horizontal position where to locate the indicator
  • Yposition: Vertical position where to locate the indicator
  • Magic: A unique number if you want to place more than one indicator on the same chart
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