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ST Trades2Chart MT4

The utility displays information about performed trades on the current chart. The account history as well as a separate file can be used as a data source. The file format is set manually or selected from available templates.


  • Source - where to take data from, from_History - account history, from_File - csv file.
  • File Name - file name. The file has to be located at ..\MQL4\Files\ directory of the terminal. Important not: if the file is opened in excel, close it before launching the script as excel blocks access.
  • File Format - select the file format from the list: MQ_Signals - file of trades from the "Signals" section of www.mql5.com, Myfxbook - file of trades from www.myfxbook.com, Manual - manual setting.
  • Manual format - specify the format in case of manual setting. Enumerate fields in the order they are given in the file. Fields:
    • ОТ - opening time;
    • OP - open price;
    • CT - closing time;
    • CP - close price;
    • N - order ticket;
    • S - order currency;
    • D - order type;
    • L - lot size;
    • SL - stop loss level;
    • TP - take profit level.

Six of these fields (bold font) are obligatory for plotting a close order. NB: in the absence of CT and CP fields the script will consider orders as opened.

Fields must be split up by a separator which shall be the same for all fields. You can omit unwanted fields using the separator several times.

  • Time shift (hrs) - time shift of trades (hours), used if there is a lag time towards the data source.
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