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Intelligent CCI

  1. Smoothed to filter the noises you see on CCI caused by market volatility.
  2. Non-Lagging averaging algorithm with digital signal processing to filter the noises.
  3. Intelligent to dynamically adjust CCI overbought and oversold levels.
  4. Signals on both against the main trend or agreed the main trend on safe mode.
  5. Alert Buy and Sale signals.


  1. Smoothed. It filters the noises you have on CCI caused by market volatility. It uses a superior averaging non-lagging algorithm with digital signal processing methods.
  2. Intelligent to dynamically calculate oversold and overbought area levels. It dynamically adjust levels to provide best trade entry and exit points.
  3. Show original CCI and Smoothed_CCI simultaneously (optional).
  4. Entry Point signalling to provide the Buy or Sell signals over the chart by drawing a non-repainting arrows.
  5. CCI wrong Move control to correct Smoothed CCI moves. Have you ever seen on extreme Buy when the CCI overshoot in overbought area, the candle goes up but the CCI goes down? This is what happens for most of indicators on extreme areas. This indicator optionally is capable to limit such wrong moves on CCI.
  6. Safe Mode Signalling to provide signals just agreed with main market trend and filter those signals come against market trend.
  7. Variation in Signal types when the Smoothed CCI "leaves oversold area", "enters oversold area", "passes neutral (zero) area", "leaves overbought area" and "enters overbought area".
  8. Selectable to draw both Line or Histogram. In Histogram mode it is more clear to distinguish Convergence and Divergence.


The minimum required bars to have acceptable calculation for overbought and oversold levels (boundaries) is 2 000 bars.

The optimum required bars to have fine calculation of the overbought and oversold levels is 10 000.


  • CCI Period – like the original CCI.
  • HowMany – number of bars for drawing overbought and oversold levels (boundaries). Due to required high maths and statistic calculation, do not set HowMany to more than 1 000 to avoid the indicator freeze.
  • Averaging_Period – smooth the CCI moves as a superior non-lagging and non-overshooting Moving Average.
  • Intelligence_Mode – To select the depth of history use in bars for dynamic overbought and oversold area calculation. Over_2K_Candles is 2000 bars, Over_10K_Candles is 10,000 bars, Over_100K_Candles is maximum 100,000 bars.
  • Boundary – Select the calculation of overbought and oversold area to perform over original CCI or Smoothed CCI.
  • Show_CCI – enable drawing the original CCI simultaneously with Smoothed CCI.
  • Signal_Draw_Arrow – Enable/Disable indication of Buy and Sell signal on charts by drawing arrows.
  • SafeMode_Signalling – To show the signals agreed with main market trend and filter those signals come against the trend.
  • Alert – Enable/Disable alerting in case of Buy or Sell signal
  • Notification – Enable/Disable push notification message over you mobile handset in case of Buy or Sell signal
  • Indicator Type – Select type of Indicator to draw as a histogram or a line.
2017.07.21 01:14 

Very good indicator,I would recommend it to everyone

2017.01.21 16:54 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 1.8 - 2017.03.06
-re announcing the old notification and alert resolved
-Custom Color for Signal Draw Arrows in chart added.
Version 1.6 - 2016.07.12
- Symbol names and Time Frame comes now in Alert and Push messages.
- Push Notification message is added
Version 1.5 - 2016.05.16
Bug Fix for SafeMode signalling in TimeFrames lower than 1H
Now it works fine for scalping in M5 and M1 by right signals.
Version 1.4 - 2016.05.12
Intelligent_Mode data type changed
Intelligent_Mode Over_100K_Candles added
Indicator is limited to not use more than 100K candles to dynamically calculate and draw Overbought and Oversold areas.
Useless inputs, the CCI_MOVE_CONTROL and the REVERSE_BOUNDARY removed.
Indicator Levels now automatically sets on Overbought and Oversold levels.
Version 1.3 - 2015.09.16
- Type of signals is selectable as an indicator input.
- Added a number of bars available on a chart in the indicator name used to calculate overbought and oversold areas.
- Changed arrow codes.
Version 1.1 - 2015.07.09
- Use built 840 ObjectsDeleteAll prefix to just remove indicator depended objects instead of all chart's objects.
- Bug fix to call "Intelligent CCI.ex4"