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Customer 2016.11.28 23:29 10 - 20 USD   from 1 to 7 day(s)

EA that copy the data of Pair,Sell or Buy, SL and TP from specific site and automatically opens the order on MT4 - More details !!

1a. i want to choose between short, long or both signals and i also want to choose different  lot size between short and long signals, example for the short i want to be 0.03 and for the long signals 0.01, something like that.. can you do it??

1b. Can we do also something else for the SL and TP of the signals. For example when the site shows a signal with TP and SL i want to change them (TP and SL) with % by the current price.


TP1,500 TP0,500 
SL0,750 SL1,500 
NEW TP1,25NEW TP0,75
NEW SL0,775NEW SL1,450

for example if i have an order sell with TP= 1.500 AND SL=0.750 AND THE CURRENT PRICE IS 1.000 and i have put the % at 50% for TP and 90% for SL then the NEW TP MUST BE=(TP-1.000)*50%+1.000=1.250  AND THE NEW SL MUST BE=1.000-(1.000-0.750)*90%=0.775 . 


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