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Customer 2016.11.13 11:28 10 - 80 USD

Hi All freelancer.


I need  EXPERT ADVISOR Software that i will sent to my subscribers that want to copy my trade.

This software will allow my subscribers to copy trades automatically as i will open or close with take profit Stop loss or manually. 

I need a complete software to sale signals.

ExpertsLibraries, MQL4
Job completed in 20 hours. Budget: 80.00 USD

Developer 2016.11.13 12:16
Jobs: 236 (26% personal)
Arbitration: 41 (completed in favor of the developer 14%, canceled in favor of the customer 51%)
Overdue: 110 (46%)

Developer 2016.11.13 14:04
Jobs: 52 (44% personal)
Overdue: 1 (1%)
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