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Alessio Fav

2016.11.11 Experts Integration


As a daily stock trader, my trading platform is made of 24 stocks, most common U.S market stocks like Apple, Google and main Index like SPY or DIA.

Currently I am using Ninja Traders, since my strategy indicators have already been created in this platform. I need to make the system automated so that based on the indicators shown on the platform, the robot buys or sell the stock at the predetermined quantity set, the robots also buys or sell at the price shown by one of the indicator, and also set a one cancel the other (OCO) order for a profit target and stop loss also shown in the chart another indicator display me.

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When a trade opportunity is available, I am able to see it via an easy to read symbol on the chart (+) which appears. This warns me, the trader, to place a stop limit order exactly at the price indicated by the symbol (+). I call it the entry level.
So, if the price of the stock reach the (+) symbol I want to buy or sell the stock, therefore issue a ticket to the broker.

At the same time the (+) symbol is created, also a profit target 1 (breakeven price) and a profit target 2 dotted green line is also created and a stop loss dotted red line is also shown in the technical analysis chart. As such I need, to tell the broker via the same ticket that if the price reaches the target to close my position or if it hits the stop loss to close my position, whichever occurs first.

Moreover, if the price moves to target 1, witch is my break even price, I need the robot to move the stop loss previously set to the target 1 level.

On average 2 trades a day are actually filled, other times the (+) symbols appears telling me to issue the order, but then  due to change in market conditions, the indicator makes the (+) symbol disappear. In this case I need the robot to cancel the ticket order that was submitted to the program.

Unfortunately I cannot monitor the market daily anymore and I need a software that can place the trade for me when the symbol appears on the chart, and fully managed it. As well as cancel any trade ticket not filled when the respective (+) symbol disappears.

Is this type of robot possible to create??

Overall  the program must be able to:

- recognize the symbol (+)of the trading alert in the chart.

- Must be able to identify the associated entry price, profit target 1 (break even), profit target 2, and stop loss symbols, (the symbols have different colors).

- It must be able, if the entry price is reached to submit a trade order in the brokerage account. This step can also be done in advance via a contingent in price, instructing  to buy or sell the underlying stock only when the entry price is reached (good until cancelled), and with (one cancel the other) advanced order as if profit target 2 is reached it will cancel the stop loss, or if the stop loss price is reached it will cancel target 2 (whichever occurs first).

- if the trade order is executed or filled the program must be able to submit another order if the price moves to target 1 (brake even) and move the stop loss to target 1 level or better.

- 80 per cent of the times trade opportunities appears and then after few days or hours they disappears, so the program must be able to cancel any stop limit order that was placed on hold with the broker when the symbol entry (+) first appeared on the chart and then due to change in market conditions the entry symbol (+) disappeared.

- on average 2 trades a day are actually executed, all the other are ghosts.

All I explained can be easily done manually and it's simple to understand once you see the chart and the symbols. But, I am at the point that I need a robot software.

I must use Ninja Traders for my chart indicators. But I don't care what broker to use, to make the robot do its job. On average, I must have the same quantity invested for all 24 stocks. So each stock for trade will have 250 dollars for example. For some stocks that might be 1 shares, for other 2 shares. My quantity among all have to be in dollars and the same. Not in number of shares.

Please contact me as soon as possible to make the ball rolling.


Alessio Fav

Project information

300 - 700 USD
from 5 to 30 day(s)