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2016.10.18 Scripts

Job finished

Execution time 1 day
Feedback from customer
Keith was very efficient & responsive. My project was a script and he delivered it on time and to budget. I'll be working with Keith again very soon. Thanks a lot Keith.


I have a script that scrolls through Charts, displaying each one 15 seconds (an Input variable). I would like to get a programmer to amended/rewrite the script as follows;

  • Allow me to control the number of ChartIDs to use i.e. 1-100
  • Allow me enter each ChartID as an Input Variable (I have my own script that displays the ChartID, I'm just don't know enough about mql4 to actually build this myself)
  • The order in which the ChartIDs are entered as Input Variables defines the order they are displayed when the script is run (allowing me to be able to change the play order)
  • Ideally, if I could maintain a text file with ChartIDs in it, I could either 'cut & paste' the required ones or even better, be able to specify the txt file location as an Input Variable so the script could read them in? I'm open to you creative programming idea's
Please find attached the script I am currently using. It is very basic and does not allow me to control the order in which Charts are displayed. I do have a number of other scripts I would like to implement, so looking for someone I can work with on other ideas.


Project information

10 - 40 USD