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Customer 2016.10.13 14:41 10 - 40 USD   from 7 to 14 day(s)


I'm a coder so simply looking for a sample VB.NET library/DLL that can connect to MT4.  The VB.NET Library needs 3 functions connected to the ExpertAdvisor:  

A function to receive each tick into the DLL (so i can then log the information into my database)

A function that either checks the DLL for Orders to execute each tick / or the ability for to send an order to be executed in MT4 (either or?)

A function to either check the DLL for open orders to close each tick or for the DLL to send an instruction to close an open order.




Anton Nel

Anton Nel 2016.10.13 14:43
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Ahmed Soliman

Ahmed Soliman 2016.10.14 17:11
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