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2016.09.23 Indicators Experts


Hello  i would like a ea created for me that will makes trades 24 hours a day based on moving averages. You have three moving averages. A 85 period linear weighted moving average applied to the low, then a 75 period linear weighted average applied to the low and a 5 period exponential moving average applied to the close. If the 5 period crosses upward go long if it crosses downward go short. I need stop of 10 pips or if the 5 period crosses back over. I also need trailing stops if position gains 20 pips move the stop up 10 then for every 10 pips it goes in my direction move the stop 10 pips. There is a 8min video on youtube called 20 pips macd trend trading strategy that i got this idea from.

Project information

20 - 40 USD
to 2 day(s)