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Customer 2016.09.14 12:08 50 - 100 USD   from 3 to 10 day(s)

The Ea is based on the THV trading system, the EA uses these indicators to open short and long positions it also closes based on the same indicators.

It will also use a third party paid indicator for support and resistance levels.

The EA is designed to run in the 5M timeframe but uses information from the 1M, 5M, 15m and 30M so it needs to be able to read the indicators across all time frames.

Each one of the option in the EA have a True or False setting so they can be enabled or disabled.

Opens one order at a time (fifo rules).

Non hedging.

Runs on every tick.

Can open and close any number of orders on the same bar.

Opens long and Short positions.



The Indicator List, I only have *.ex4 no source code:


THV3 Coral


THV4 Cloud MTF


THV4 Coral  T@H


THV4 Trix called

THV4 Trix V1.0


Sr Support and Resistance Indicator (paid indicator)

I have added the full spec to the job posting please be sure that you are able to read the data from the indicators.  The Trix Indicator is very difficult to gather data from if you are unable to do this the job will be cancelled and no payment will be made

THV_EA.txt 6 kb
Dmitriy Gizlyk

Dmitriy Gizlyk 2016.09.14 15:31
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Mehrdad Jeddi

Mehrdad Jeddi 2016.09.14 12:34
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Oxana Tambur

Oxana Tambur 2016.09.15 10:48
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